WTF - Why The Fish? ?

This is in Cocoa Beach. But it's been happening from Cape Canaveral south to PAFB. Started showing up in Melbourne today too.

Posted by I love Cocoa Beach FL on Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Earlier this month we posted this photo and the community responded. Many people want to know what is happening, why, and what can be done.

Is it the sugar industry? Algae bloom? Other contaminants?

Should the fish be left or cleaned up?

This blog will address a few things but many things will be left unanswered. The Florida Wildlife Federation is doing their best to address questions via social media, but even they don’t have all the answers.

Here’s what we do know:

What you can do:
Everyone is asking, “What can we do?”

Cocoa Beach officials have asked residents NOT to remove the fish,  “Between the wind, currents and natural decomposition the fish should sink to the bottom of the canals shortly,” city officials said in a release. “However, if a resident has already removed some of the fish the city has provided a dumpster at Ramp Road for the fish to be disposed of safely. Please do not touch the fish with your bare hands and double bag the dead fish prior to putting them into the dumpster.”

In the short-term, we can clean up the mess. Brevard County has set up designated dumpsters for volunteers to dispose of fish they collect. The dumpsters are picked up daily.


  • Bicentennial Park, 801 W Cocoa Beach Causeway, Cocoa Beach
  • Kiwanis Island Park, 51 Kiwanis Island Park Rd, Merritt Island
  • Kelly Park, Merritt Island, 2550 N. Banana River Drive
  • POW/MIA Park, 5995 N. U.S. 1, Melbourne, at Pineda Causeway
  • Eau Gallie Causeway (will add an extra dumpster there)

But clearing up the shore won’t clear up the issue behind the devastation. The community must come together to figure out the root and rally to get it fixed. “How?” is the question, a question we turn to you all for an answer. What can we do?!

Sugar and Florida Politics

According to the National Institute on Money in State Politics, the Florida sugar industry has given at least $21 million dollars to Florida candidates, political parties and PACs –

Last month, U.S. Sugar Corp. launched a “sweet” new website promoting the sugar industry’s commitment to reducing waste. The website is: and with an epidemic like this happening on the heels of the site’s launch makes the PR efforts a bit more sour than sweet. Check out the site and tell us what you think of it.

CS/HB 7005: Environmental Resources

To the average citizen, the House Bill HB 7005 appears to be a grand step-forward to protecting Florida waters.

“The department shall implement such programs in conjunction with 3274 its other powers and duties and shall place special emphasis on 3275 reducing and eliminating contamination that presents a threat to 3276 humans, animals or plants, or to the environment.”

However, that isn’t to say that a more knowledgeable mind and analytical eye couldn’t poke holes in the positive image of the bill.

The same goes for the State Bill 552.

CS/CS/SB 552: Environmental Resources

“Environmental Resources; Requiring the Department of Environmental Protection to publish, update, and maintain a database of conservation lands; authorizing certain water management districts to designate and implement pilot projects; prohibiting water management districts from modifying permitted allocation amounts under certain circumstances; creating the “Florida Springs and Aquifer Protection Act”, etc.”

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  1. Aaynne April 1, 2016

    ARTICLE about…Lake Okeechobee water dump…polluting oceans:

  2. hywel jones April 2, 2016

    What about a proper study of the issue/s contributing to the problem but by a totally independent group. Regardless of the outcome the recommendations of the study should be followed through, whether that happens, of course, depends on the legislature and how seriously they take the problem in the first place. We could go round and round in circles on this for a long time!
    However, that said, if the bad boy is the Sugar industry then maybe it’s just time to cut back on our intake of the stuff, would certainly help with some health issues as well as reducing the need to grow so much of the stuff!

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