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5 Reasons to Love Cocoa Beach

Here are 5 things we love about Cocoa beach, Florida. 1. The Local Business You'd think everyone would say "the

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Amusement Rides Coming to Cocoa Beach: Are You Amused?

7/20/2017 – Yesterday evening, the Cocoa Beach board of adjustment voted to approve the special exception to allow

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What to do: Mother's Day 2017

Our moms deserve love and praise everyday but this Sunday is a reason to make it extra special. We asked Cocoa

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Soar Over Cocoa Beach

People of all different ages, attitudes and backgrounds are looking for excitement in their lives. Imagine soaring

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Escape Cocoa Beach

Escape Cocoa Beach game room is a real‑life adventure for any couple, family or small group. It’s your team vs the

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Adventures in Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach is a place known for many things and one of those, believe it or not, is action and adventure. It's not

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