Surf Demolition

Regarding the former Bernard’s Surf, the building has been vacant since 2010! Current owner Luke Johnson purchased the building $625,000 after purchasing it as a foreclosure sale in May 2012 after Rusty Fischer sold it to new owners for $1.8MM in Nov 2006 who later closed the restaurant in 2010 (that is when the Surf closed)!
There was some discussion from the new owner to redevelop the property into an artisan bakery/restaurant with a rooftop bar but alas that did not materialize. The property is still for sale for $1.1MM as a vacant commercial parcel (current building was beyond salvage). If anyone wishes to buy it please contact Roy Berry- real estate agent at Trafford Realty 321-636-3131.
Written by Ben Malik

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  1. Robin Taylor August 10, 2017

    So sad. Back in the 70’s and 80;s I spent many nights dining there and many fun, memorable times!

  2. Bear August 10, 2017

    Kinda breaks my heart. I don’t think any place new will ever be able to capture the spirit of the place before.

  3. Joe August 11, 2017

    Another vacant lot, maybe somebody can open an ice shop or maybe a surf shop there, or a dollar store would be even better, great idea!!!!!!!

  4. Deborah Stratton August 11, 2017

    The space program is ramping up again. Someone build another elegant restaurant to carry on the tradition for the next generation of space programs!!!

  5. Barbra Bronsberg August 11, 2017

    Nothing will ever take the place of the Surf. To many good memories and will always wonder why
    someone in their family did not update the Surf and keep it going.
    Barbra Bronsberg

  6. GilbertX August 16, 2017

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