Strip Clubs: Help or Hurt?

There are three clubs in Cocoa Beach – Lido, Cheaters and Inner Room. Are they attractive or atrocious to tourists? Locals, we want to know what you think.

Lido Cabaret


The first club you see driving South on A1A – the sign is unmistakable with a silhouette of a scantily dressed woman in a top hat and a lipstick kiss as the “o” in the title – even a kid can figure out what goes on inside.

With about 3.5 stars on Google, Facebook, Yelp, Foursquare and The Ultimate Strip Club List, Lido is a relatively well-rated club. The worst review we found was a man complaining that there isn’t full nudity…

While Lido seems to have a decent presence, the club had some (surely unwanted) press the past few years with two incidents – one involving the death of a dancer and the other of unfavorable actions by a Kissimmee police officer.

Does the negative press defame the city of Cocoa Beach or does “No such thing as bad publicity” take effect?




With slightly higher reviews, averaging about 4 stars across the web, Cheaters is one of the best known clubs in Brevard. Located right by the Pier, Cheaters is hard to miss and has become a known name among visitors.

Even with the popularity, Cheaters has managed to stay out of the press in its years of operation.

Inner Room

The average rating of a 3.9 is impressive considering the amount of bad reviews this joint has racked up. Also interesting is the very few photos found online.  In 2012 a reviewer stated: “According to The Ultimate Strip Club List…it’s ranked #1 in value in the US and #3 Overall  in the US.”  Not sure where they rank today.

The most popular comment being “it’s dark” which would have to mean darker than other clubs in a worrisome way, the online and brick and mortar presence of this club could definitely improve, but it hasn’t been the scene of any issues in recent years.

Adult entertainment is just another form of entertainment, when it’s run responsibly it does no harm. Where do the residents of Cocoa Beach stand on the issue?

We want to know what you all think of the clubs, do they contribute positively to tourism and the community or would the City of Cocoa Beach benefit from their closure? Let us know in the comments below!


*I Love Cocoa Beach is not promoting the closure of these clubs in any way. Our intent is to open discussion and shine a light on any and all opinions.

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  1. Gloria February 23, 2017

    I prefer not to have strip clubs in our family-friendly community.

    • Get over it November 1, 2021


  2. Bob February 23, 2017

    I don’t believe they belong in the heart of downtown Cocoa Beach. If there was a motion to ban strip clubs in city limits, I would probably 2nd the motion with the soul intention of removing The Inner Room from downtown. If The Inner closed down, that would be then end of the crusade against strip clubs, in my opinion.

  3. Dee S February 23, 2017

    I don’t think it helps the community at all. I have never understood why they needed 1 never mind 3 clubs. Makes the area seem seedy

  4. Marion Graves February 23, 2017

    I think it is appalling to have a club right in the middle of town. Obviously someone is getting paid off. All my years of vacationing with my parents, then children, and now grandchildren I have never seen a club downtown where tourists and their kids walk by. GET IT OUT!!!! It is an embarrassment and all my visitors who were on the wilder side in their younger years thinks it is unacceptable and strange that it is allowed!! Be Gone, low class and sleezy whether it is in the news or not, it’s about appearances of a tourist town! Come on get real Cocoa Beach……nasty girls!!!!!

    • Chelsea April 25, 2020

      How would you feel if it was ran by women?

      • Beans June 15, 2020

        It should be run by women, the current owner Lamar is a little sketchy. but he’s just trying to make a buck, like any other business in the area. It’s quiet outside, you wouldn’t know (it’s a strip club) until you went in. Hey if you don’t like it, Don’t Go In !

  5. Bear C. February 23, 2017

    I have lived here almost all my life, with the exception of my military years, and have seen strip clubs come and go. I think they have their place and as long as they don’t turn into some type of crime castle. Since they don’t seem to stir a lot of trouble and obviously there is enough clientele to keep them going as business.

    Certainly, there are those that don’t like them anywhere but each to its own

  6. Julia February 23, 2017

    There is wide spread conversation about various illegal activities that happen at the inner room, both inside and in the parking lot. Real or not, this is negatively affecting the downtown CB environment. A more “family friendly” business or store would be more appropriate on the main streel of downtown.

  7. Tracy February 23, 2017

    Let me start by saying I have lived in Cocoa Beach for over 15 years and I am a woman. I have been told by many locals and tourists that Cheaters and Lido’s are two of the nicest strip clubs. I think they actually are good for the economy since they provide a variety of entertainment that many male visitors are looking for – especially with the races coming up, the boat races, etc. The two incidents are minimal compared to the other crimes in the area. My thoughts – leave them alone and let them bring tourist business to our area. Now do I think we need more strip clubs – no.

  8. Jeff February 23, 2017

    There are so many low class bars in downtown cocoa beach, don’t start a campaign against one just because the venue is different. The inner room doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb, the parking is all in back. I don’t even know it’s there during down town event, so leave it alone. Maybe a little better law enforcement practice may be in order but that’s it

  9. Crat February 23, 2017

    Get a grip people. if you don’t like them don’t go in them. The Inner Room is getting most of the attention on this form I must say that it smells like skank and cheap perfume just walking by. They moved the parking to the back people are not hanging around out in front more police presence is necessary if that would make people happy. Lamar is only in it for the $ just like some of the other scrubby non strip clubs in Cocoa Beach

  10. Pete LaMaster February 23, 2017

    Cocoa Beach is a world destination so it will (and should) have all of the attractions that humans seek. Those include “adult entertainment”.

    I haven’t attended a strip club in years, but when I did, all 3 of the mentioned attractions were clean, legal, and appropriate. I suppose I would ask why even have this discussion? What, specifically, are you trying to target? If there is some particular *behavior* you want to curb, then go after that. But if you’re just trying to legislate morality, I suggest that there are better ways to use the effort – and you are likely to encounter legal trouble if you specifically target “strip clubs”: just how do you define that in a way that won’t get into constitutional trouble – and are “strip clubs” really your most-pressing issue?

    Parking. What we need is attention to sufficient free parking – to keep tourists from having to drive long distances from the beaches or worry about being ticketed. Go after that.

  11. Kevin February 23, 2017

    If you want to attract more affluent tourists and/or locals it would be wise to elevate the quality and types of establishments that draw them. Cocoa beach in Cocoa Village for that matter would be wise to think about the opportunities that lay before them. Brevard county is in the midst of an economic boom on many fronts. Now is the time to seize the opportunity by setting your sights high. Remember often times the moment passes and does not come again!

  12. Henry February 23, 2017

    Here is what hurts Cocoa Beach, the hotels and restaurants that rip off tourists and residents alike.

    And let’s not forget how the city has been anti business for years.

    I think what people are wanting is a town full of geriatric doctors and facilities for the aged. They want to close down or inhibit anything for anyone younger than 55.

    If you want to do something that will get lots of attention why not start a discussion on banning the sale and consumption of alcohol within the city. Just think how many lives that will save.

    I can’t believe that you would even approach this subject, I am pretty sure Inner Room has been in business longer than most residents have even lived here, and they always do there part for the city. Maybe Bob had a bad time there, I don’t know. They have as much right to be in business as any other establishment and in someways more because they have been there for so long.

    Why not do something about the wasteful spending of the city on High performance cars and Motorcycles for the police department. What is the justification for that? Do we have that many miles of highway they need to patrol? Even with these vehicles are they slowing down traffic on A1A? I will let you answer that.

    To the author or authors of this question, What is your intent? Do you represent a bunch of lawyers who are looking for business by starting an effort to close existing clubs? That will be a costly endeavor, and guess who pays for that? Yes, the taxpayers of Cocoa Beach.

    I will close by answering your question, I don’t think they hurt Cocoa Beach at all. Tourists come here for the Beach (if they can afford the parking), they come for the local attractions like the Space Center, and our proximity to Disney and Universal with somewhat more affordable hotels (even with the pumped up prices).

  13. Mark February 23, 2017

    Yea, t-shirt and pawn shops in the middle of town really are so much more classy. Adults like more than the beach sometimes.

  14. Brian February 23, 2017

    I don’t visit strip clubs, never been to the ones in Cocoa Beach. I am not a fan of strip clubs. I personally prefer that they are not in our town. There is a big however! The clubs have been here for years and from what I’ve seen, I don’t believe many problems arises from them. Even as a family friendly town, I don’t believe these clubs bring in the riff-raff as many are concerned with. You can’t just shut down someone’s business. It is wrong to regulate a specific business just to shut it down. Regulating new businesses or not allowing new clubs from opening, or limiting the number of clubs that can be in the city limits, that is ok. If any of the clubs close on their own, then I personally agree not to let them re-open.

  15. Susan Clark February 23, 2017

    Cocoa Beach has a reputation for being a party town. The strip clubs are clean and innocuous and do employ locals so I think they have their place.

    If I had one thing to say about Cocoa Beach is that there just isn’t enough free parking downtown. I’m always tempted to attend the festivals and try the downtown restaurants but I’m not paying to park. Cocoa Village on the other hand handles the tight parking situation with finesse by allowing two hour free parking, just enough time to have a nice lunch or dinner.

  16. Dale February 23, 2017

    This is a free country. If the businesses don’t break the laws or cause harm to anyone, leave them alone.

  17. dale February 23, 2017

    Yes I agree with some of the other comments the owners of those business have the right to own/operate as any other business. It’s kept behind closed doors unlike the street people on our streets nothing is being done to polish that for our “tourists” If you a tourist don’t like it then GO HOME or Go to Disney World .I would rather the town get on some of the home owners one or two blocks north of A1A to clean up some of the “shit Hole houses that of it self is more of an eye sore than some business/strip club .you bam liberals keep your nose to your selves

  18. Marilyn February 23, 2017

    Completely inappropriate to have a strip club in the middle of downtown Cocoa Beach. I love visiting, shopping, strolling, and dining in downtown areas in Florida and other states. No way am I going to visit downtown areas that have a strip club(s). Don’t think I have ever even seen one in any of the places I have visited.

    • Sean Volland July 9, 2020

      Well then honey, stay outta Coco Beach.

  19. Bill G. February 23, 2017

    Where else would I be able to purchase my crack?

  20. Angela February 23, 2017

    Let’s visit the origin of “Cocoa’s Beach.
    Cocoa Beach started out as a get-a-way for people living on the mainland. It consisted of a restaurant, hotel – casino and bordello. THAT WAS COCOA BEACH!
    People visited by boat or sea plane.
    Today the same entertainment is available but with a lot more discretion.
    Since Cocoa Beach is now becoming more of a “tourist town,” we need entertainment for all facets of the population. We don’t ONLY have children and families visiting. Port Canaveral is a port-of-call now for several cruise lines. That in itself brings a variety of tourists. Why not capitalize on that.
    To do so we need a variety of entertainment. Bringing back a casino would be extremely favorable financially for this city. If you want tourist dollars, you must have something for everyone.
    We have 3 established clubs which are serving their purpose, now we need other adult entertainment other than just “watering holes.” Do the research on casinos and the revenue gained. Build some parking garages – Help our community reap the profits from these opportunities. We aren’t just “God’s Waiting Room” any longer! Step up to the plate Cocoa Beach!

  21. Mike February 23, 2017

    Let’s see … drunks, druggies,thieves and homeless people already plague Cocoa Beach. Whats a few strip clubs but just icing on a degenerate cake. I’d like to see all of the above gone.

    • Bossless February 23, 2017

      I agree. Strip clubs attract mostly the wrong elements which result in higher costs for the residents.

    • charly da gnarly February 24, 2017


  22. Joe February 23, 2017

    I feel that strip clubs are legal businesses and should be allowed in our city. They bring business to the community which may benefit others places of business in the city.

  23. Phil February 23, 2017

    I’m a 57 year old native from Cocoa Beach. I’ve attended a bachelor party or two and maybe another couple visits to these establishments in all my years. I understand why some high brows would want them gone but it’s a legal tax paying business. If they abide by the fare rules set forth and keep their places looking nice from the outside (the only place most of us will ever see them) then leave them be. Lord knows we don’t need any more banks, strip malls and convenience stores.

  24. Bob February 23, 2017

    I miss the wet t-shirt contests at Coconuts.

  25. Nan February 23, 2017

    From what I read, the clubs in question have been here a long time and the clientele/ staff do not appear to cause major problems. I would leave them alone. However, I would oppose adding any more strip clubs in Cocoa Beach and would support zoning/ordinances limiting expansion.

    As a resident, I am more concerned with the areas on 1) Minuteman Causeway around Coconuts 2) Sheppard Park around the Sand Bar and 3) the refurbished CB Pier. Some evenings (and late afternoons) people in those locations can be so rowdy that if affects public safety (fights, petty theft, public drunkenness, driving drunk). I have felt unsafe enough to avoid all three areas at night and only visit two (Sand Bar and Pier) of them during the day.

  26. Dan February 23, 2017

    Just to elaborate on a portion of the article… “The most popular comment being “it’s dark” which would have to mean darker than other clubs in a worrisome way, the online and brick and mortar presence of this club could definitely improve”… is referring to the clientele not the building or online presence.

  27. Bill February 23, 2017

    Just so you know Lamar does not own The Inner Room any more. I have lived in the area since 1967 and there has never been any major problems with any of the clubs. I do not go to any of them but other people do and that’s there own choice in a free country. They pay taxes and employe local people so leave them alone. By the way if you try and close them there lawyers will eat you alive and cost the city and tax payers a bundle of money. When Cheaters first opened the city went after them because they were across from a school and after several expensive and long lea gal battles the city lost and Cheaters remained,

  28. Beverly Gerber February 23, 2017


  29. Bill February 23, 2017

    I have never heard anyone say I’m never going to Cocoa Beach again because they have 3 strip clubs and one of them is down town. However I have heard people say I’m never going to. Cocoa Beach because of the red light cameras, the speed traps, the parking and many other issues the town has.

    There is many other ways to improve Cocoa Beach than trying to shut down these clubs.

    The city has a new city manager I hope he is not the one behind this but this article sure has a tone that we want to shut these clubs down without saying it directly and pretty underhanded if you ask me.

  30. Beach B. February 23, 2017

    They were here first. We already have a TON of tourists, obviously it’s not a major drawback. Have you been in A1A traffic lately? Have you tried to book a hotel room lately? Why do we need more families here with all thier kids? Have you been to the beach lately? Tried to eat at a crowded restaurant lately? This town gets more and more packed with tourists by the minute. Why are you even bringing this up? Oh, that’s right, because you are a real estate agent and are influenced by the hotel owners who’d prefer that ONLY tourists come here and that all long term residents move so only rich snowbirds and South Beach refugees can afford to live here. No thanks.

  31. Albert Ringewald February 23, 2017

    I was going through some ads today (I’m a bit of a history buff) that were common during my childhood (the “Mad Men” years of the 60’s), ads that were titled “How to Train Your Wife” and “How to Measure Your Wife for An Ironing Board” and a newspaper poll of the day titled “If a Woman Needs It, Should She Be Spanked?” and the best one “Is It Always Illegal to Kill a Woman?” (The last was an actual Pitney-Bowes ad of the period for postage machines, no doubt meant as “tongue in cheek”). While these may seem amusing today, and there were many fun parts to those times, no thoughtful person wants to return to the norms of those days, particularly women I suspect.

    While strip clubs provide a place to work for some women, I suspect they are the most vulnerable and the least educated among us. Is this the career we want to encourage for our daughters, sisters or mothers? I think not.

    One day, I suspect, we will look back on the “strip clubs of Cocoa Beach” with a bemused, awkward, nostalgia. Let’s begin that process of turning them into history now. Please ban strip clubs from Cocoa Beach.


    • Bert R. February 23, 2017

      I was going through some ads today (I’m a bit of a history buff) that were common during my childhood (the “Mad Men” years of the 60’s), ads that were titled “How to Train Your Wife” and “How to Measure Your Wife for An Ironing Board” and a newspaper poll of the day titled “If a Woman Needs It, Should She Be Spanked?” and the best one “Is It Always Illegal to Kill a Woman?” (The last was an actual Pitney-Bowes ad of the period for postage machines, no doubt meant as “tongue in cheek”). While these may seem amusing today, and there were many fun parts to those times, no thoughtful person wants to return to the norms of those days, particularly women I suspect.

      While strip clubs provide a place to work for some women, I suspect they are the most vulnerable and the least educated among us. Is this the career we want to encourage for our daughters, sisters or mothers? I think not.

      One day, I suspect, we will look back on the “strip clubs of Cocoa Beach” with a bemused, awkward, nostalgia. Let’s begin that process of turning them into history now. Please ban strip clubs from Cocoa Beach.

  32. charly February 24, 2017

    lots of black bros go there from the mainland and sell drugs…bad all the way around…too many bars and drunks downtown

  33. X February 24, 2017

    Takes the class out of the town making it trashy and attracts many people you should not want in town.

    Not family friendly for cruiser with families.

  34. Melinda February 24, 2017

    I think one is enough, if there have to be any…many bad elements are involved in this type of business that’s why we are having this discussion…

  35. Dian February 24, 2017

    We moved here about two years ago. I see nothing redeeming at all about strip clubs. It just gives Cocoa Beach a trashy name.

  36. John February 24, 2017

    I moved here in 1958, I am not someone who just arrived and is trying to change everything.
    I did object to the stupid change in the city rules that allowed Cheaters to open and stay across the street from a school and church.

  37. Trey February 24, 2017

    Trashy? Yeah, a little. But not nearly as trashy looking as Beach Wave type stores. It is supposed to be a free country, so stop trying to legislate your morality.
    Just like the food trucks that should be allowed here, we should let citizens/customers decide what businesses are desired by keeping them in business. Profit means people value your service.

  38. Douglas Atkins February 24, 2017

    I’m new here in the neighboring town of Cape Canaveral, about 4 years, 71, retired commercial Ocean Master, so I have been around. I love it here!
    Every community of this seaside type of atmosphere have plenty to offer to many people of various tastes.
    These 3 businesses in question do have a particular attraction as entertainment for certain clientele of course, and don’t seem to cause any particular problems for the community, et al.
    We are, no doubt, a small community, comparatively, so the inclusion of diversified businesses and attractions for ourselves and our tourists should be monitored so as to maintain a balance of beauty, pleasure, fun and excitement that make our place an attractive place to visit and vacation (or maybe live).
    I do not advocate gambling casinos! My observations have seen fast deterioration in small communities like ours if implemented.
    For the size of our town, the 3 existing adult entertainment clubs are sufficient to service the interested clientele. Any drug dealing going on within should be monitored and dealt with definitely! That could put them out of business!

  39. Lars February 25, 2017

    After 19 years in the area, I have yet to visit any of these clubs. They do not bother me at all. They are legit businesses, providing jobs and tax revenue. I agree with those who consider the parking situation to be much more important.

  40. Nicki February 25, 2017

    Instead of strip clubs I would love to see a gay bar in cocoa beach since there is a big undercover gay population in the area

  41. BUSTER February 27, 2017


    NOT ME!!!!!!!!!!


  42. Langan March 3, 2017

    No strip clubs. They hurt the community. And, they are gross.

  43. John December 28, 2018

    I’ve just moved back here after 15 years from South Florida. I am a married 47 years old guy with a Masters Degree in aviation.

    Cocoa Beach is going down the tubes as Daytona Beach and Ft Lauderdale did and it is not because of 3 strip clubs.

    I’ve lived in just about every beach town from Daytona Beach to Miami. Have you even looked at your very own front yards {All the broken down cars and trash}? The steps going into all the beach shops {Dirty and disgusting}? The salary level that employers are willing to compensate their employees {Nill}? I suggest looking at your own lives instead of trying to ban a couple of legit clubs.

    Talk to your employers about raising wages, with increased wages comes increased house cost, with increased housing cost the riff raff will be chased out of here without any need for the local police. Try cleaning up all the trash in your own yards and so forth. You want to live in a cheap and well known city but do not want some of the trash that comes with it. Its not going to happen.

    Ft Lauderdale has bounced back after the 1980’s spring break craze left. But that took about 35+ years and a lot of money. Daytona Beach still has about 15 years left in the rebuilding stages of its life. Ask yourself if you’d be the ones willing to pay more in taxes? Because if strip clubs are forced out of the area, that’s what you will be faced with. Ft Lauderdale and Miami has found an happy medium between the adult clubs and home life, why can’t you? You do not like them…. then don’t go to them.

    You’ve all heard of Morgan and Morgan attorney firm right? You know how he got his money to begin his law firm? In the beginning, not from his cases….. But from Rachael’s Steak House. Yup that’s right. His sister was part owner of Rachael’s and loaned him his money to get his firm up and going.

    I am very sure that all you people that are hear complaining about the clubs have never been inside of them. All you people probably do not stay up past 10pm and don’t go out in town at 12 midnight. So stop complaining about them and learn to live with them.

    The officer who spoke his opinion {opinions are like assholes, everyone has one (I am not calling the officer an asshole)}. Do you have the statistics to prove or the case law to prove and substantiate the DWI, Prostitution, Drugs, Fighting and so forth? I am talking about an unbiased panel that can compare the before and after? I am pretty sure you do not. The DWI from Ms Soccer mom coming home from her girlfriends house or a night out would far out weigh the amount of DWI’s coming out of the adult clubs. The prostitution…. well I am pretty sure that Backpage {when it was around} and Craigslist and Orlando Eros all has a bigger role than the strip clubs. The drugs…. come on…. really??? I am pretty darn sure that most of the drugs bust that happen in the area are at the gas stations along 95 from people running from Miami to Jacksonville. Drugs… because real drug dealers do not drink when they are out and do not cause fights as they do not want any unneeded and unwanted police presence. Bar fights and brawls, I am sure that there are more bar fights and brawling that goes on in the local pubs between the hours of 5pm to 9pm than from these clubs or the domestic violence from Mr Soccer dad hitting Ms Soccer mom.

    Just my opinion and we all know what opinions are.

  44. John December 28, 2018

    I just noticed the dates on all the postings. They are all February 24 – 27 2017.

  45. Rosemarie COSTANZO September 26, 2019

    This is wrong that Cheaters night club is right in front of Our Savior school an church. There has to be city an state laws of how close you can have this next to a school .

  46. Bif Ripples March 17, 2020

    The denial of the community is amazing. There are drugs used in all 3 club’s on a regular basis out in the open. Anyone that’s ever been in the Inner Room knows this, the stench of weed reeks. Also in all 3 clubs you can get sexual favors minutes after walking in the place. The girls are very aggressive and up front about price and specialty. So get over your naivete and realize your husband’s and boyfriend’s are in these club’s getting whatever they want for a price.

  47. Jeremiah April 27, 2020

    There is prostitution going on in the Inner room of sorts, the dancers will agree to meet you at your house if you offer enough money, I got into a big tangle with one, Chevon Hill aka Divina aka Cece Hill aka Diva of Doom, a black dancer with huge fake breasts, she conned me completely out of a considerable amount of money, when I took her to court she admitted prostituting out of the inner room and dancers royale in Orlando, this was recently in Viera, guess who gets thrown out, me, the owners and all the managers have full knowledge of her activities and she is still welcome to work in all of his clubs. I can name you a dozen gals who do the same thing there, but Chevon Hill is the worse one of the bunch, and she continues to prostitute out of his clubs obviously with his knowledge and consent, I guess its good for business

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