Before the Storm: Hurricane Checklist

We’ve been lucky the past decade, but Mother Nature may spin a few storms our way this season.

As always, we’ll hope for the best and prepare for the worst. So, when there’s even a mention of a storm, put on your work clothes and get to work immediately.

Before a hurricane hits land, make sure you have the items on this list checked off and completed:

Your Home:

  • Examine rain gutters
  • Prepare and test generator
  • Prepare lanterns and flashlights
  • Bring any projectiles inside
  • Trim branches and remove dead trees
  • Reinforce windows and doors (including garage doors)

Your Health:

  • Organize vital medication
  • Purchase non-perishable food
  • Prepare at least 3 gallons of water per person (24 bottles per person)
  • Freeze plenty of water bottles and have a cooler ready

Generator: Buy fresh gasoline and test prior to the storm. Remember to NEVER try to power a house by plugging a generator into a wall outlet.

Safe room: Consider building or devising a FEMA safe room ICC 500 storm shelter designed for protection from high winds and flooding.

Rain gutters: Clean and secure rain gutters to prevent external damage from loose pipes and clear any clogs to prevent water damage.

Outdoor Furniture: Bring it all inside or store in the garage immediately. Do not wait for winds to pick up, by that point, it could be too late and highly dangerous.

Cooler: In case of a power outage this cooler can store perishables from your refrigerator and freezer. Use frozen water bottles instead of ice, as they thaw they can be used as drinking water.

Medication: Refill prescriptions immediately and have basic first aid on-hand.

Food: Non-perishables – can goods, can soups, crackers, granola/protein bars, fruit (apples, oranges and bananas), preserved meat (jerky), nuts/trail mix, peanut butter, bread, canned/powdered milk, individual packets of mayo/mustard for tuna/chicken salad and sandwiches. Don’t forget salt and pepper! And, dare we say, a little red wine.

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