Space Coast Sea Turtle Season

In 1978, green sea turtles were listed as an endangered species under the Endangered Species Act. Their future looked bleak. Over the past thirty years, through tremendous efforts to conserve them and by being protected as an endangered species, green sea turtle numbers have been increasing. From just a few handfuls of nests recorded in the 1980s, today they nest on Brevard beaches in the thousands. –

The Sand

Knock it down, fill it in. 

Please knock down sandcastles and fill in holes before leaving the beach.

Holes made in the sand can become a deadly trap for sea turtle hatchlings while on their way to the water. Worse yet, the nesting mothers can become stuck in these holes when crawling up the beach to nest.

Leave it how you found it (or better)

Make sure to remove all beach accessories, such as tents, umbrellas, toys, and chairs. These prevent obstacles for both the mother and the hatchlings. Please remove ALL trash no matter how big or small. Whether it’s your or not, pick it up and take it away!


The Lights

Near-shore lighting has become a deadly hazard to our Sea Turtle population. The lights may deter mothers from nesting in safe/ideal locations, opting instead for more comfortable, but less convenient thus more dangerous for hatchlings. Even sadder, hatchlings may get confused by the lights and head inland where they die due to dehydration, predators and passing cars.

How residents and businesses can help

Choose Turtle Friendly Fixtures & Lights

  1. LOW placement and wattage – Hang/mount your light fixtures low and choose bulbs that are a low wattage. Flood lights, spot lights and pole lights near the shore are highly discouraged.
  2. Shield your lights – Choose fixtures that shield the bulb and direct the light toward the floor or away from the East.
  3. Long Wavelengths – Sea turtles are less disturbed by the long wavelengths of light, 570 nanometers or longer such as lights that are yellow, amber or red in color.

The Encounter

If You Find A Hatchling:

  • Do not put it in water or air conditioning.
  • Do not remove it from the beach.
  • Put it in a container on damp cloth/paper, but PLEASE do not put it in water.
  • Cover with a cloth.
  • Call the Hotline (321) 206-0646 or one of the agencies listed below for further instruction.

If You Find An Exposed Nest:

  • Cover with sand if possible.
  • Call one of the agencies listed below.
  • Do not attempt to collect the eggs yourself. Disturbing the nest or eggs could kill the hatchlings.

Get Involved

See the turtles!

Join the Sea Turtle Preservation Society for a Turtle Walk on the beach for the opportunity to see nests, nesting turtle and later in the year – hatchlings!


Participate in The Turtle Krawl 5k!

The Turtle Krawl 5k Run/Walk is the largest 5k race in Brevard County. On September 9, 2017, come see what all the hype is about during the second race of the 2017 SCR Runner of the Year series.


How do you help ensure the safety of Sea Turtles on the Space Coast?

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