Skydiving Santas - A SANTASTIC Event!


We cannot believe what an incredible event the First Annual Skydiving Santas event was!

On December 17, 2016 at 11:00 AM Skydiving Santas kicked off at the Cocoa Beach Pier. By the time the first jump happened the parking lot was already SOLD OUT. With good reason, too. This event had nearly every aspect that makes a CB event awesome.

What made Skydiving Santas 2016 so great:

Beautiful Weather

It was a beautiful and sunny 80° with minimal clouds and that lovely sea breeze we all love. The perfect weather not only for spectators but for jumping as well.


From attendees, to organizers, to jumpers this crowd was as high-energy as it gets; I mean, there were people in santa suits plummeting to the earth for elfs-sake! It’s events like this that showcase how cool Cocoa Beach is, that’s just how we do.

skydiving santasskydiving santas


From American spirit to Christmas spirit, to love and pride – there was nothing less than happy celebration.

skydiving santas cocoa beach

skydiving santas cocoa beach



skydiving santas


What a laugh it was to watch these skilled skydivers bouncing off the giant inflatable santa chair. Some made a smooth landing with a huge bounce and others wiped out into the sand. Either way, it was better than any of us could have done!

Vote for your favorite! I Love Cocoa Beach Skydiving Landing Poll

Whether you were in attendance or reluctantly missed it but heard all about it, we can all agree that Skydiving Santas 2017 is a must. So, see you next year Cocoa Beach!

And Happy Holidays from I Love Cocoa Beach and All Sports Parachute Team.

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  1. Joellyn Knight December 21, 2016

    Great Event! Thank you.

  2. Ann Smith December 22, 2016

    Can we purchase a tshirt?

  3. Brynda Faulk December 23, 2016

    So awesome,wish I could have been there.

  4. Gretta December 24, 2016

    I was wondering if you can purchase t-shirts anywhere?

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