Skydiving Santas Recap 2018

Every year we get a group of skilled and professional skydivers from around the country and around the world, to put on a show for locals and visitors who are in Cocoa Beach the Saturday before Christmas. The event is Presented by the men and woman of the Air Sports Parachute Team.

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The day starts early for our skydivers, going through all their safety checks, but by 9-10am, they are making their way to the air for their first jump. By 11am, the first jumpers start making their appearance in the sky and the families and kids who are in attendance simply go wild.

As the jumpers get closer and closer to the Pier, the excitement grows as you see so many Santa’s in the sky. As the skydivers approach the beach, they are trying to hit inflatable targets and when they hit their mark, the crowd becomes electric.

This year over 100 Santa Skydivers participated and enjoyed the wonderful experience. If you are an experienced skydiver and would like more information about joining our jump next year, please contact

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  1. Judy December 21, 2018

    Loved the video- can’t wait for Christmas and to see y’all again.

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