Shark in the Water?

Attention residents of Cocoa Beach

Natives sure aren’t strangers to reports of shark attacks and many may not even flinch at the mention of the possibility. But it may be a growing threat that at least some attention should be paid:

On Monday April 10, 2017 two people were reportedly bitten by a shark in Melbourne Beach. The first was a young adult bitten on the hand and the second was a child. These happened in approximately 3ft. – 4ft. of water – so don’t think you’re 100% safe in the shallows!

This follows the beach being closed in Cocoa Beach on Sunday due to multiple shark sightings near shore. In addition, a New Smyrna Beach woman was bitten in the thigh while swimming late last week.

The headlines read “Possible shark bite.”

Florida Today – Possible shark bite reported Monday in south Melbourne Beach

Since the shark in Melbourne Beach was not spotted after each bite officials are calling it “bitten by a toothy creature.”

The second victim, was a 10 year old girl that suffered a 6″ gash and was airlifted to the hospital.

WFTV – 10-year-old girl seriously injured in possible shark bite incident in Brevard County, official says.

These events won’t keep us out of the water – what about you?

Have info on sharks on the Space Coast? Post below!

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  1. Marion Graves April 13, 2017

    I have a question, when you say Cocoa Beach you mean by the pier right? Or are you referring to all the beaches within town lines?

  2. Brian Costleigh April 14, 2017

    Well. Before I ramble on, no stupid shark will keep me out of the water. I have seen many sharks in the ocean. Most recent was last summer off the coast of Delaware when I was paddle boarding with a friend. A 12-14 foot shark rose out of the water and sunk back down like a diving submarine. What do we do, it was dusk and we went back to shore because it was kind of large. The next day I was back in the water. We need to understand that as humans, we are at the top of the food chain on land. Sharks are at the top of the food chain in the oceans. We are entering their territory so we need to be cautious and we take a little risk. Of all the shark attacks world wide, 50% are in the U.S. And 65% of the U.S. Attacks are in the warm waters on the southern Atlantic coast. We like the warmer water for the same reason the sharks do. Of note is that there are more and more shark attacks off the Atlantic coast each decade for the past 100 years. It could be because the waters are warming up a bit. Whether it is global warming due to pollution or the natural warming cycle is irrelevant for this discussion, we just need to know it is happening and understand the consequences of more sharks being drawn to the florida coast. As a side note, of course we need to be a good steward of protecting the environment God has given us. Or are there more shark bites because there are just more people and therefore more people in the water. Florida’s population has grown from about 10-11 million to just shy of 20 million in the past 10-15 years. We now passed New York State as the 3rd most populated state. It is all about the numbers. If you double, triple, quadruple and pentuple the population. Of course the absolute number of shark attacks will rise as well. The population is actually rising way quicker than the absolute number of shark attacks. So are we more safe relatively speaking or less safe? I am actually somewhat concerned the shark population could diminish which would significantly upset the balance of life in the oceans. This goes back to our need to be good stewards of the oceans and lands God gave us. Of course, I am making this statement as a die hard conservative, not a tree hugging liberal. We just need to protect our world. The overall moral of the story is we share our aquatic playground with sharks, rays, sea turtles, manatees and the list goes on. We need to take care of it, and if the there is a danger of any sort, stay out until the danger is cleared or risk the consequences. Thanks for reading my rambling. Now back to work. ?

  3. Brian Costleigh April 14, 2017

    One last thing. If you frequent the water playground, learn about the various creatures you share the water with. I would much rather swim with a bunch of sand sharks than with one bull shark. I am sure you would too.

  4. Melinda Randall April 14, 2017

    Amen to that brother!

  5. vicki April 19, 2017

    Thank You Brian. No ramble just straight up, to the point, make them think statements.
    Thank you again.

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