Rumor Central New Restaurants Coming To Cocoa Beach

Rumors have been flooding Cocoa Beach regarding new restaurants coming. Have you heard about any of them?!

  1. Milliken’s Reef is now becoming RJ Gators Or Gators Dockside?                                       

Word on the town is that RJ Gators or Gators Dockside will be replacing Milliken’s Reef at the Port. We’re not quite sure which establishment will make their debut, but we do know that one of restaurants will have “Gator” in the name! It would be awesome to have a great wing and fresh gator place around here!

2. Texas Roadhouse is coming to the new Winn Dixie Plaza?

If you’ve been to Texas Roadhouse, you know how fun it is to throw those peanuts on the ground. It would be such a fun experience for all if they came to Cocoa Beach! Fun times and great steaks, what more could you ask for!?


3. 4th street filling station becoming a high end gastropub?

If you know anything about gastropubs, you know how tasty their dishes and alcoholic beverages are. Rumors from locals have stated that this gastropub will look like a beer garden… we sure hope this is the case!  We think a gastropub would really help bring out a more modern aesthetic for Cocoa Beach.

4. This is not a rumor, it’s true! Casablanca has new owners!

Jennifer and Eric Metz are excited to bring a new concept to Cocoa Beach. Jennifer and Eric have been a part of the community since August 2017 when they moved from Napa, California. Owning a bar has long been a bucket list item for both of them and they believe Cocoa Beach will LOVE their new concept! We will give you some more information as soon as we can. Right now the business is closed, but they hope to re-open within 90 days.

Text ilovecb to 41411 for the latest information about these potential restaurants and when/if they are opening as well as to receive an I Love Cocoa Beach sticker!

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  1. Lrj June 8, 2018

    Great article. Don’t care if it’s speculation, rumour or innundo. Love hearing scoop.

  2. Dee June 8, 2018

    Ditto – thanks for the scoop!

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