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Residents of Cocoa Beach are total dog lovers ❤️ Of course, we want our best friends to come to the beach with us.

There’s only one place where our pups receive a warm welcome – Lori Wilson Park has a designated dog park. It is a 32,000 square foot, fenced area where your dog can play without a leash. But, as their website states “It gets very crowded on the weekends in the late afternoon.”

There is currently an online petition circulating to allow dogs on all Brevard County beaches before 9 a.m. and after 5 p.m. The petition now has over 6,000 signatures of the 7,500 necessary for submission.

The creator of the petition brings up a good point that having dog-friendly beaches may boost tourism:

“As an added bonus, it would be good for tourism to be able to offer a dog friendly beach in the area. There are many dog friendly beachfront hotels, motels and rental units and yet the tourists may not take their dogs to any beach at any time, anywhere in Brevard with the exception of the Sandy Paws Dog Park at Canova Park in Melbourne.”

We all know our beautiful beach relies on tourism to thrive. An increase would be great for local businesses.

It is surprising that there aren’t more signatures considering there are approximately 76,282 households in Brevard County with one or more dogs according to AVMA. However, opposition is understandable. And there are many questions left unanswered such as – who will clean up after the dogs? Will permits be required? Who would enforce this? – if passed, these are all questions that will need to be answered. But, we have one last question for you! Where do you stand on the issue? Pro Paws or No Paws?

Let us know what you think in the comments!

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  1. Joellyn Knight June 3, 2016

    I am for this petition. I have a dog that would love to take late afternoon walks on the beach. I am willing to pay for a permit and will be willing to be fined if I did not clean up after my dog. Please sign this petition. Dogs on the beach will improve our wonderful Space Coast.

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