From NASA Engineer to Crafty Surfer

We know the Space Coast has some pretty cool characters, Kim is just that. She moved here from Louisville and hasn’t looked back! Here’s her story:
I’m a Cocoa Beach surfer who lives up the road in Cape Canaveral. I’m a former NASA Engineer- and later a City Planner-but now I enjoy blogging about DIY, crafts, and surfing life here in Cocoa Beach on
I enjoy teaching beadwork classes in my spare time, and some of my jewelry has been on display at the Cocoa Beach library. I like making jewelry that’s surf, ocean, and beach inspired.
I also do paddleboarding, both prone and SUP. Although I don’t race as much today, I still do some philanthropy competitions from time to time.
Louisville, Kentucky, was a great city to grow up in, but now I consider Cape Canaveral and Cocoa Beach to be my hometown.
Checkout her side business here:

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