Life is better at the beach

Some of you may know the awesome owners of FAT CAT PRINTING, they do embroidery and screen printing, located in beautiful downtown Cocoa Beach, but do you know how they ended up in CB? Here’s their story:
Cocoa Beach has had my heart for so many years, and it makes me smile a thousand times a day knowing that this is now my home. Our family would vacation here every year. We come from far west Texas, where while there is plenty of beach, but sadly no water. We would save our pennies and work hard all year to enjoy our 10 glorious days in Cocoa Beach.  It was always a transforming experience, only to return to the desert and dream of it everyday. I would wake every morning and listen to the surf report and watch the pier cam. Hoping that some day I would wake and be able to see the surf with my very own eyes.

3 years ago, seriously it’s been exactly 3 years since we moved here, my every dream came true. We sold our house said goodbye to so many loved ones and dove right in.  We found a beautiful home. I wake up every day and say Hello to the beautiful Banana river. We’ve met so many wonderful people and even started our own business. We work for ourselves, we enjoy what we do, life is so good. So whenever I’m feeling down I stop and look around, this is it folks there is no better place on the planet. I love Cocoa Beach and everything about it. Just smile because life is better at the Beach.

And in case you have some printing or screening needs, check out:


34 N Orlando Ave, Cocoa Beach, FL 32931


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