See you on the beach

Meet Gloria Marrone, she and her husband were enchanted by our city so much so that they were inspired to move here, here is her story:

On a visit to my sister in Orlando, we fell in love with Cocoa Beach.  She took us to check out the beach and we stopped in at the original Ron Jon’s surf Shop in town.  In 2004, we moved permanently from NY.

Walking 4 miles a day, swimming in the condo pool and soaking in the Jacuzzi, keeps us busy.  Beside enjoying the year round good weather, i also like to read, travel around the world usually on a cruise and socialize with my neighbors & friends.  My husband plays golf twice a week with the boys.  See you on the beach.

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  1. Susan April 6, 2017

    We love the Marrone’s! They are very active and wonderful neighbors!

    • Gloria Marrone April 10, 2017

      Hi susan,

      And Milt & I love having you and Rob as not only neighbors but also friends. You bring smiles to our faces whenever we see you.

  2. Kyle April 6, 2017

    Hi Gloria and Uncle Milton!! Luv seeing you here, on FB and at Newcomers!!

    • Gloria Marrone April 10, 2017

      Hi Kyle,

      I knew that I would find your name here for a reply. See you at the next luncheon. Thanks for being who you are. – always bringing sunshine with you wherever you go. .

  3. Gloria Marrone April 6, 2017

    I was thrilled to see my husband & I featured on your Resident Spotlight.

  4. Carol McIntyre April 6, 2017

    The Marrones were so enthralled with Cocoa Beach, they extolled its virtues to the family. They sold me (Gloria’s sister) their first apartment when they bought a bigger apartment for themselves. So another former New Yorker has found happiness in Cocoa Beach.

    • Gloria Marrone April 10, 2017

      Milt & I are so lucky to have you & Linda here with us at Stonewood in Cocoa Beach. How could we keep Cocoa Beach all to ourselves. We hope that you love it as much as we do.

  5. Melinda April 6, 2017

    What a wonderful arrive about two wonderful neighbors and dear friends!

    • Gloria Marrone April 10, 2017

      You and Greg are dear friends at Stonewood in Cocoa Beach. We miss you when you are not here.

  6. Rose Marie Wiley April 6, 2017

    Always good to see the Marrone’s in the spotlight, or at the beach!

    Rose Marie

    • Gloria Marrone April 10, 2017

      Always nice to have a good friend who lives in Cocoa Beach.

  7. Pat April 7, 2017

    I’m with Milt and Gloria. I LOVE Cocoa Beach! They are dear friends of mine. Thank you for printing their story.

  8. Pat April 7, 2017

    I’m with Gloria and Milt. I LOVE Cocoa Beach! Thank you for printing their story…

    • Gloria Marrone April 10, 2017

      Pat, you make living at Stonewood so much fun! Thanks for replying twice in your enthusiasm.

  9. Linda Rivera April 8, 2017

    How excited I was to see my sister & brother-in-law featured on your site. I’m the sister who told them about the Condo they eventually bought. Gloria was basically responsible for bringing our other sister down to live in Cocoa Beach. I eventually moved over from Orlando to Cocoa Beach as who wouldn’t want to live here. So you see, in a way, Gloria was the catalyst in bringing all three sisters together to live in Cocoa Beach where there is always something going on here. We all ❤ Cocoa Beach!

    • Gloria Marrone April 10, 2017

      How wonderful that all three sisters ❤Cocoa Beach!

  10. mary gowenlock April 9, 2017

    that’s a great photo

    • Gloria Marrone April 10, 2017

      Thanks for the nice words, Mary. We are happy to spread the word about Cocoa Beach

  11. Carolyn & Ed April 9, 2017

    Gloria and Milt…you are great neighbors and a wonderful example of an “immigrant” from New York to Cocoa Beach.

    • Gloria Marrone April 10, 2017

      To Carolyn & Ed,

      Milt & I are so happy living in Cocoa Beach because of neighbors like you and Ed. Thanks for replying.

  12. Michael Schlesinger April 9, 2017

    Love the comments about Cocoa Beach; what my high school classmate & his wife do not know is that Paradise is in Rhode Island living on Narragansett Bay. This is where I live.

    • Gloria Marrone April 10, 2017

      Hi Mike,

      Milt & I are thrilled that you have found Paradise in Rhode island. We are happy to say goodbye to snow and wind chill. Give our love to Carol & your sons.

  13. Linda Funck April 10, 2017

    There is a secret about Cocoa beach, the friendliest and happiest people live here Linda

    • Gloria Marrone April 15, 2017

      Oh no, Linda, now the secret isw out!!!

  14. Tip & Tom Christopher April 10, 2017

    We are just Wis. Snow Birds that fell in love with Stonewood/Cocoa Beach several years ago and glad to be back with our Winter Family.
    Tip&Tom Christopher

    • Gloria Marrone April 11, 2017

      Thanks for replying, Tippi & Tom

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