From a date on the pier, to living here!

Meet Julie Mills, a Brevard County resident who fell in love IN Cocoa Beach and then in love WITH Cocoa Beach. Here’s her story:

My husband and I had our first date on Cocoa Beach, I had been there before, but it was his first time and he loved it. We purchased some new beach towels and what we thought was a pop up tent… It wasn’t… lol,..At that moment I realized I didn’t have a handy man 😉

We abandoned the project and headed for the pier where we had lunch then drinks at the a Tiki bar. As we leaned over and took in the ocean breeze, we talked about one day moving there. Well, in December of 2011, we were married and in July of 2015, we became Brevard county residents. We now live just 7 blocks from the pier where I am now an employee!

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  1. Becky March 30, 2017

    Aww, that’s sweet. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. Steve March 30, 2017

    Great story!

  3. Cathy March 30, 2017

    Nice love story and how you two came back to our wonderful area to live and work. I grew up in Daytona Beach, but Brevard for our family is much better! Enjoy.

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