Meet Ben Malik Cocoa Beach Mayor

Background on Ben Malik credit of The Greater Palm Bay Chamber of Commerce:
Ben is originally from Louvain, Belgium and moved to Florida in 1975. He is currently working as VP/Commercial Relationship Manager for Center State Bank (largest community bank in Florida). He is married to Kelly Malik (just celebrated 26th anniversary) and has two children, Christopher, senior at Cocoa Beach High School and daughter, Megan (CBHS alumni and currently enrolled at UCF) and their dog, Holly. Ben moved up with his family from Boca Raton to Cocoa Beach in 2007 and was elected as Cocoa Beach City Commissioner in 2012 and was elected Mayor by the residents in November 2016. He is a former Cocoa Beach Planning Board Member and Cocoa Beach Citizens Academy graduate as well as Lead Brevard graduate. He presently serves on various boards including the Economic Development Commission of the Space Coast, Cape Canaveral Hospital Tax District Board, Congressman Posey’s Financial Services Advisory Council Member, Cocoa Beach Kiwanis board and City of Cocoa Beach Community Redevelopment Agency. Ben is also active in local Melbourne and Cocoa Beach Chambers of Commerce, and non-profits in the community: Kiwanis, Elks, Surfers Helping Kids, Cocoa Beach Surfrider and volunteer teacher for Junior Achievement (Cocoa Beach High School).

Hobbies include surfing and traveling.

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  1. Mr and Mrs Anthony Corvino May 10, 2018

    Hello Mr. Malik. Never met you-but hear good things about you. A Cocoa Beach resident from Stonewood

    • Fuck You July 11, 2020


  2. Brian Spehar May 10, 2018

    Small world! I got my Masters in Education from Florida Atlantic University and lived off of Camino Real near Dixie Highway by the old Peaches record store. People are much nicer here in Cocoa Beach, don’t you agree?

  3. Linda Rivera May 10, 2018

    Well, Ben, we have met you many times. You got my sister Carol McIntyre a great mortgage with Space Coast Credit Union. We enjoyed your talk at Stonewood. Have a great year solving our city’s headaches. LOL

  4. Lilo Rowan May 10, 2018

    You are doing a superb job as mayor of Cocoa Beach. Your calmness listening to residents talking about emotional issues is admirable. Glad you are mayor and keep up the good work.

  5. Pat Weber May 11, 2018

    Ben, I want you to know that practically everyone I speak with thinks you are doing a wonderful job as our Mayor. We so much appreciate all you are doing for our community here in Cocoa Beach.

  6. Vicki J Green May 14, 2018

    I was insulted when I heard Mayor Malik stated that Cocoa Beach is in a blight because of limited new development. I think Cocoa Beach is in a wonderful place with the redevelopment of the down town.
    Cocoa Beach would be blighted if the height of buildings were increased. Cocoa Beach is not Daytona, or Ft, Lauderdale. I feel Cocoa Beach more resembles Vero Beach, and St. Simon’s Island. We do not need a convention center or any Universal Attractions as I hear are being suggested. The Westgate company that recently bought the pier wants to change Cocoa Beach to something it is not and I hope will never be. This company builds nothing small. We need less traffic on A1A rather than more.
    I voted twice for the current height and will do so again
    Mayor Malik if you really love Cocoa Beach please change your mind about higher buildings.
    I voted twice to limit height to 40 feet and will do it again.

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  8. Kaye Beldecos-Koines August 4, 2019

    Thank you so much for what you are doing for our City. I must say I was so disappointed to see that we were having a gun show this week in Cocoa Beach. What were all of you thinking to allow it in our beautiful town?
    Of all weekends with two tragic shootings in our beautiful country. Please I beg you not to allow another gun show in OUR town.

  9. Mark Alder May 2, 2020

    I would ask that you please reconsider opening the beaches in Cocoa Beach! As a resident I am very concerned. This being the first weekend, May 2, of reopening parks and beaches, the flood of people from primarily the hot spots, has been overwhelming. I could not even ride a bike on the beach, it was so so crowded. I no longer feel safe in my hometown. Social distancing rules are a joke to everyone and the right to park anywhere they want has created mayhem. But above all that, I, and many others feel this is just too soon and the threat of corona to our resident has probably increased a hundred fold. There is no economic gain, the 25% restaurant capacity can easily be filled by locals, who currently can’t get anywheres near the restaurants because of the crowds already trying to get in. I just LOST MY FATHER a few hours ago to corona, this is real! You have the power to cause tremendous harm to our community and I am one of many who feel this move will do just that. Please reconsider not opening beaches, at least until restaurants are fully operational and parking is reopened. I live across the street from the ocean and for thee first time, do not even feel safe walking on our beaches. Please please reconsider!

  10. Scott July 1, 2020

    July 1st 2020:
    Hey Mr. Mayor, as a resident of Cocoa Beach, I certainly do not approve of you and team keeping our beautiful beaches open over the 4th of July Holiday weekend, in the middle of a global pandemic, so they may become overrun with thousands of people from Orlando all weekend. This is a very poor and irresponsible decision on your part! Leaving the beaches open to “residents” who actually pay the high home prices and taxes to reside here, I can understand, anything outside of that is simply a foolish decision. Why not follow Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade and be responsible for your constituents safety, health and well being?

  11. Laura owen January 27, 2021

    U are not doing your job !!!the dog park @lori wilson park is a disgrace

  12. Susan Brown-Skrobot July 8, 2021

    Mr. Malik–I see dogs on the beach with owners and without leashes…running on the beach at 1:00pm today and at 6:31pm today. The dogs are running onto the dunes. Why do you have rules but do not enforce them? I am terribly frustrated with these willful law breakers who think the beach is for them and their dogs. You must enforce and fine to get results. Tell me who will take action because you sir are losing my vote! Additionally, there are children on the beach so if one of these dogs bites a child, Cocoa Beach is liable because you did not enforce your laws.

    • Mother Clucker July 28, 2021


  13. Samantha Charlton Praytor July 22, 2022

    We’ve never met, but if I were to judge you by the upset people in these comments, I would say you’re likely a very good mayor.
    I love to hear what’s coming out of Florida lately and I can see that you are the cause of much positivity!
    I’m glad to also read the comments of such pleased people.
    Congratulations, Mayor. And May God Bless you with the discernment to lead the way He would!

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