5 Reasons to Love Cocoa Beach

Here are 5 things we love about Cocoa beach, Florida.

1. The Local Business

You’d think everyone would say “the beach, of course!” But no, the coolest thing about Cocoa Beach is how original it has remained throughout the years. Every year, Cocoa Beach experiences an incredible number of visitors. With beaches lining both coasts of Florida is it logical to attribute the zeal to just our (admittedly great) beaches? We don’t think so. To us, it’s obvious that the thousands of small businesses that keep this great beach town afloat are the true attractions. CB residents do a great job of building out their dreams and supporting those of other locals. Which brings us to…

2. The People

Whether you’re born and raised, a recent retiree, a frequent visitor or anything in between, you contribute to Cocoa Beach’s greatness. The residents of Cocoa Beach are truly “One of a kind.” Quirky? Maybe. Caring? No question. And downright genuine.

3. The Beaches

Of, course!

From the bustling areas around the pier to the quieter areas a bit South, Cocoa Beaches are a beautiful aspect of the area.

4. The Public Art

Murals, sculptures, installs, and colorful decor dominate the scene. Cocoa Beach isn’t short on beautiful views, but it doesn’t end at the ocean. This town is overflowing with talent and we’re lucky to live in a place that encourages it! The Art We Heart

5. The Events

From the famous Surfing Santos and speeding boats to the Cocoa Beach Art Show – to cookouts, to cleanups, to concerts and beyond! Cocoa Beach is teeming with festivals, celebrations and charity events for all sorts and ages.

With summer winding down we’re in the process of updating our calendar, but we’ve got some pretty big ones on the books. Take a look and start planning for the next few months!

Upcoming Events

What do you love about this East Coast Beach town? Tell us what you love about Cocoa Beach in the comments!

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  1. lawrence scalzo July 27, 2017

    thanks , I live here too on jack drive behind our Saviours catholic church , we appreciate the family atmosphere beaches , no dogs allowed on the beach , please keep it that way ;urine,feces, bites of kids if run by owner of dog and dog just reacts normally as if being attacked , barking , never know with dogs, dog owners can leave them at home or walk them by leash and there is a leash law thanks. we also like it that at least no nude beaches most woman dress modestly. no excessively high codnos, limited to 10 stories right? to avoid sun being blocked and too many people.

  2. lawrence scalzo July 27, 2017

    thanks like the less busy ,low key atmosphere and less noise of cocoa beach and police usually good at keeping it family oriented , no public nudity , like the no dog law on the beach and leash law. like the low level condos [none above 10 stories]

  3. Gordon Luborsky July 27, 2017

    I particularly love the beaches, too. What I can’t understand is why the City of Cocoa Beach is willing to deface the beauty of its beaches by approving ugly and noisy carnival rides at the pier. Hasn’t the City learned from its own past tragic experience with these kind of rides (and now the recent accident at the Ohio State Fair) that such attractions do not promote our image as a safe beach resort that is respectful of the wildlife and the pure delight of being on the beach itself. Once you open the door to this type of entertainment you can expect more. We don’t want to be another Coney Island!

  4. Gloria Marrone July 27, 2017

    What I like about Cocoa Beach is the weather. It is cooler here than in Orlando in the summer months and warmer here in the winter months. I like the whole laid back way of living.

    I agree please, please keep the dogs off the beach. My grand kids dig in the sand here & it isn’t sanitary having dogs there. They aren’t on leashes even now and loose dogs have scared them a few times jumping up on them. The owners don’t have control over them.

  5. Brandy Samuels July 27, 2017

    I love the beach…atmosphere is friendly..The pier..family orientatated…food in local restaurants is good..not a bunch of idiots lurking…

  6. Dick White July 27, 2017

    The Running RACES !! From the FESTIVAL of the Cocoa Beach Turkey Trot 5K and Fall into Winter 5K (ON THE BEACH) to the LONGER USA Beach Running Championships 10K and Half Marathon AND Cocoa Beach Half Marathon (Jeannie Run), The RACES on Cocoa Beach are Community Supported, Business Supported, and JUST FUN!! Hope Everyone Comes OUT to ENJOY the DAYS!!

  7. Angie surfing impaired July 27, 2017

    My kids are there. I’m for the carnival rides. Imagine the memories a kid would have of coming here (like santa monica)

  8. Langan July 28, 2017

    1. The Beach
    Of course, it’s the beach. This short stretch of beach is our biggest, most beautiful asset. All the atmosphere (surfing) and marine life of the beach (especially our unique Sea Turtles) need our help to stay beautiful. Protect the sounds of the waves and the music of the sea life. (Carnival rides lead to screaming and litter — who are our representatives representing with that vote? Not their voters. Dog urine, feces, and aggression does not beautify beaches.

    I’ll just stick with number one, since it’s the most important!

  9. ig August 1, 2017

    Wow, this paragraph is good, my younger sister is analyzing these things, so I am going to inform her.

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