Lori Wilson Park Update

Let’s just clear some of the misinformation up. The park was not “sold” to a “tourism group”. The park is not going to become a high rise hotel!

The county transferred management from Parks and Rec to the Tourism Development Council (TDC) which is another county department. No money changed hands, Lori Wilson is ultimately owned by the residents of Brevard. The park can’t be “sold” so we can all relax.

What is happening is there are plans to spend some tourist development council money to make the park a world class destination. We think that is a good thing. The plans are not final so now is the time to get involved with your comments.

If you are interested in Lori Wilson Park, and have 45 minutes to kill you may want to watch Space Coast Daily’s coverage of one of the pubic input sessions.

This park will be the jewel of CB once the renovation is complete! A true asset to the community and will enjoyed by many future generations of residents!

TDC has been very responsive to public input and the project is still in the conceptual stage. Contact Garvey for questions or comments:  Eric.garvey@visitspacecoast.com

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  1. Garykitchens May 10, 2018

    Great Idea, any thoughts of “Solar” LED lighting in pathway, bathrooms and or parking areas. as well as, off grid ranger/triag stations?

  2. jerry kelly May 10, 2018

    what is the status of dogs on the beach

  3. Sylvain Belair May 14, 2018

    Very nice! I love that

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