Jetty Park Hotel?

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There’s no question that this hotel would be both beautiful and beneficial to the Cocoa Beach economy – the question is whether or not the residents of Cocoa Beach want to see another hotel go up?

i love cocoa beach

According to Florida Today, hotel owner , Tom Hermansen, proposed the hotel more than a year ago. Hermansen is president of Ocean Partners Hospitality, which owns and operates four Cocoa Beach hotels: the Best Western Oceanfront, Courtyard by Marriott, Days Inn and Hampton Inn.

Jetty Park spans approximately 45 acres and is public land. Hermansen offered to buy 9.6 acres to build a hotel complex with access to the beach and park. As of today, the deal continues to be negotiated.

We at I Love Cocoa Beach would be want to welcome a well-run hotel as it would increase room availability, commerce and potentially add a high-star hotel to the area. What about you?

Read the full story here:  Proposed hotel deal at port’s Jetty Park caused conflicts

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  1. Helen Simmons February 27, 2017

    NO! I don’t want to lose anymore beach front to hotels, condo’s, resorts, or private homes. It is becoming more and more difficult for the average person to find a way to enjoy the beach/ocean if you are only going for a family day at the beach. We have plenty of hotels on Cocoa Beach already.

  2. Lynn Carlson March 2, 2017

    I agree with Helen Simmons. I and my family have been coming to Jetty Park since 1960 or thereabouts. Don’t take away any more of the beauty that is there. There doesn’t seem to be a shortage of hotels in Cocoa Beach now so where is the need? Please leave Jetty Park alone.

  3. Kaye Koines March 2, 2017

    NO, I am very much against anymore hotels. We have enough of them and they can choice one of the ones we already have if they want to be on the ocean.

    We enjoy that area and watch all the launches from there when we can.

  4. Chuck Manka March 2, 2017

    Park purchased with tax $ to PRESERVE that land and open space
    NOT to be sold for development. What a betrayal of the public trust.
    Not only NO , but……..NO!!!!

  5. Susan Clark March 2, 2017

    No problem with sharing the beach with another hotel, but don’t take precious park land to do it. Soon Jetty Park could be the only wild area at that end of the beach. Save it for the future.

  6. Nan March 2, 2017

    No! I thought that land was originally “taken” by eminent domain. That pretty much means preserved for the public good, not used for commercial development.

  7. M March 2, 2017

    No, save the precious public beachfront please. I have been a Cocoa Beach resident for 20 years.

  8. Lars March 2, 2017

    It is not needed and would compromise a natural asset for the area. There are plenty of hotel rooms around the port area.

  9. Rafael March 2, 2017

    No. Hungry Sharks trying to get a lead on prime real estate for the Port Development program.

  10. Vi Smith March 2, 2017

    If the city needs more tax dollars, clamp down on out of state and out of country condo investment owners who rent their property for months but don’t charge or declare the sales taxes.

  11. Luise Smith March 2, 2017

    I prefer NO. Cape Canaveral which has plenty of hotel would benefit more than Cocoa Beach.
    A 54 year resident of Cocoa Beach, Please leave the Jetties area as natural as possible to be enjoyed by many.

  12. Michelle MacDonald March 2, 2017

    I think it’s a great idea if its done well. I have family that would truly enjoy the beauty of Jetty Park. So, yes. I think it’s a great idea.

  13. Tracy March 2, 2017

    Absolutely not! Jetty Park is a tremendous asset to our community and brings in a large number of tourist dollars – as it is. There are many many weekends where the entire property is packed… with people who would otherwise be parking on our residential streets or commercial shopping zones, but not spending money. It has the restroom facilities that very few of our beach areas have. It’s a wonderful place to take friends and family to see turtles and dolphins. The people that camp there long term frequent local establishments at a much higher rare than hotel visitors. The only person who will benefit from turning it into a hotel property is the hotel owner.

  14. Clair Quenzler March 2, 2017

    Please NO! The jetties are used by so many people and we need to have beaches that the public can use. I am a third generation Brevard County resident!

  15. Shambie March 2, 2017

    Absolutely not. We haven’t preserved the land all these years to benefit some fat cat developer. This is OUR land. We want to enjoy it. I don’t care if it cuts a dollar off my property tax or might some day bring in tax revenue. You know they’ll give away the store with incentives and credits for ‘job creation,’ and we will get nothing out of the deal.

  16. Rachel March 2, 2017

    Would hate to see the camping go away. It creates an affordable vacation for us to enjoy the ocean.

  17. Jane Beskow March 2, 2017

    Absolutely not! Why is this being pushed and pushed ad nauseum? First they tried to lay it at Commissioner Barfield’s feet and now it keeps coming up as though if you say it often enough people will cave. It is a public park. Leave it alone.!

  18. CocoTony March 2, 2017

    Seriously? I can’t believe the audacity of big business! The last thing we need is more corporations infiltrating our community and making empty promises that get forgotten as soon as they see the $$$ rolling in. Don’t let them fool you, they aren’t here to help anyone or anything but their own bottom line. The Port Authority will be doing the public a huge disservice if they let this greedy bunch grab public land. Miami is a perfect example of what happens with unopposed development. You can’t even see the beach from the street when driving down there. Nothing to see here developers, MOVE ALONG!!

  19. Bring it ON March 2, 2017

    First, Jetty Park and the campgrounds are not going anywhere. It’s only a very small portion of the “park” that would be affected. The Port Authority would cut down a few bushes and then reroute their road to the beach. Also, the hotel would not be Cocoa Beach, that property would be in the city of Cape Canaveral.

    By the way, if one more hotel scares you then you should be aware that a man by the name of Bob Baugher, who owns a lot of land in Cape Canaveral, plans to build FOUR hotels in the next ten years. They will be on property he already owns and zones for hotels. All of them will be along the north end of A1A near the existing Radison.

  20. Rich rudolph March 2, 2017

    We do not need it , this is not west palm , Daytona or Miami. If you look that lifestyle , move!!!!!! We love the way cocoa Bch is now . That’s why we live here a raise our families here .

    • charly da gnarly March 2, 2017

      right on Richie!!! #flightcrew

  21. Pat Oliver March 2, 2017

    Please no hotel in Jetty Park area. Leave it as it is.

  22. Michael Spivey March 2, 2017

    NO, NADA, NO WAY. This is a park not a commercial area!!!!!!!! Please don’t do this!

  23. Joe V March 2, 2017

    Status quo is what made Titusville what it is today. We must be forward thinking or we will lose tourist. The tourist are who help with the lagoon money school tax money not to mention all the service industry people. If the market can bear a new hotel then build it. Captalism will decide what is needed

  24. Summer Devlin March 2, 2017

    Absolutely not. Not at Jetty Park. Let’s try to keep this portion of the Port hotel free. Build on the west side if you must.

  25. Sandy Robben March 2, 2017

    No.. I am not averse to hotels on the beach or elsewhere, but not at Jetty Park. We need to keep our natural spaces natural for future generations.

  26. Peter Ashworth March 2, 2017

    Jetty Park is just that – a PARK. Please leave it as is.

  27. Susan March 2, 2017

    While I am in favor of oceanfront hotels, not at Jetty Park. Somewhere else on beach perhaps?

  28. KC March 2, 2017

    They have already decimated part of the park and took camping sites away. No Hotel. Pleas take it north or south. We enjoy our beach.

  29. Connie White March 2, 2017

    No way!!! No hotels needed at Jetty Park. We have enough hotels. Leave the park alone for families to enjoy!!!

  30. Penny March 2, 2017

    NO NO NO.. Not at Jetty Park.. It is practically the ONLY place where we can go and drive up and look at the beautiful scenery.. It is a PARK and should Stay that way..
    We at Cocoa Beach LOVE our Park… Enough Hotels already.. WE live here and this is OUR HOME not a resort!!!!

  31. Jerry March 2, 2017

    Stop the growth! I came here 56 years ago and the 2 lane roads were so crowded we could hardly drive. Now it has arrived that crowded again with mostly 4 lane rods. Please NO MORE especially at the Port – one of our best weekend Beaches

  32. Jeff Lewis March 2, 2017

    Absolutely not. Leave Jetty Park for generations to enjoy. The port has a lot of plans for the future for the Cover area. Put it there. Don’t destroy what little is left of our beaches.

  33. James M Patla March 2, 2017

    It makes me sick that the love of money is more important than having your rank and file citizen a chance to enjoy our natural resources. Blame Barfield for voting for this terrible way of generating money for the county. Remember him come election time. Shame on you

  34. Carol McIntyre March 2, 2017

    Absolutely not! This is one area of Cape Canaveral that is open to the public. There are enough hotels in the area. Let the residents & visitors enjoy the area’s nature.

  35. Sandra Eliason March 2, 2017

    Please NO, the area in question needs to stay natural. We have enough hotels.

  36. Thomas Eberhardt March 2, 2017

    First of all let me say that originally the property was taken by the government by eminent domain which was for public use by the citizens of Brevard County back in the day. When the government goes to do something else with that property that it took with taxpayers money they have to give it back to the original owner who they took it from by eminent domain. This is the way the federal government works and I hope to local government work the same way so another words you can’t get rid of something if the taxpayers do not want it it’s not up to the hotel owners in the area that have a NO say so in what you’re going to make jetty Park look better.

  37. Apollo Corapi March 2, 2017

    I think it is a terrible idea. Are there not enough hotels in the area already? I think the idea of building a hotel on a public park goes against anything that I have ever learned. Is this land not supposed to be maintained for all of the public?

  38. L March 2, 2017

    Definitely a no, unless this person is a steward for the natural resources already provided. We are already making this beautiful area congested and Mother Nature can’t keep up. No way

  39. Tom Palmer March 2, 2017

    No – build a hotel inland or on the river side but not any more on the ocean side. I am a progressive person on modernizing Cocoa Beach; but not with another hotel.

    • Joe V March 2, 2017

      If it was not wanted then why would private industry build it. We are getting a dollar a year for 9 acres with ocean access. Brevard is becoming a destination not just a place to get on the boat.

  40. Sue Ford March 2, 2017

    Absolutely, “NO” to taking ANY more of Jetty Park for a hotel or anything else! We, the people, are NOT going to take it anymore! Also, we need to stop the $15.00 charge to go there. (at least for everyone in the 5 Port Districts)

    • Brenda Bender March 3, 2017

      I agree 100% with Sue Ford. That land belongs to the people of Brevard county and we should not have to pay to go there let alone let someone buy and take it for their profits!!

  41. Sarah March 2, 2017

    NO !

  42. D. Lowen March 3, 2017

    Trade park land for a hotel? Really? Absolutely NOT. The government took that land by eminent domain, and then to sell it for a hotel is unethical. Commissioner Barfield has lost my vote.

  43. B PERVELL March 3, 2017

    Good Morning. I understand the want/need to build more hotels – Cape Canaveral/Cocoa Beach area is becoming a destination again. More hotel room inventory will bring down the prices of rooms – thus bring more affordable weekend stays from Orlando area and for local get away stays. HOWEVER – to sell park land to build this ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!!! Keep our beaches pristine. Build the hotel in the Port and build in the price of a pass to Jetty Park into the price of the room and have a golf cart shuttle. Keep our parkland for the people not for private enterprise. Practice Aloha.

  44. J Cooper March 3, 2017

    Absolutely not! Keep the jetty area as is please

  45. Carol Shaw March 3, 2017

    Absolutely not. I’m still upset over fish lips now at Jetty Park instead of a much more affordable concession stand run buy a smaller Mom and Pop business. Used to be able to go there as a senior and also see people with families enjoy a little food and ice cream cone at the beach that they could actually afford. Now it’s commercialized bigger business higher dollar meals. Stop any further commercialization don’t take away the charm and the Simplicity and beauty for everyday people residents and taxpayers to enjoy.

  46. Joan Smith March 3, 2017

    How many times must we say NO –over development has ruined our beaches –please don’t ruin Jetty Park……Our wonderful Port area & Cove area is already ruined — leave Jetty Park alone !!!!!!!!!

  47. Bonnie Venable March 3, 2017

    I am not in favor of building a hotel on park grounds. I’ve lived in this are since 1959 and have seen so much of our natural beauty taken away by commercial/residential development. Please keep this area as a park and nature preserve. I would also like to request that the parking fee to visit jetty park be reduced, at least for local residents.

  48. Roger Smith March 3, 2017

    NO Hotels at Jetty Park we are being had by greed under the pretense of good for the economy, Please remember these players at election time

  49. Art Mohr March 3, 2017

    No. As previously stated we want no Palm Beach.

  50. Judy Turner March 3, 2017

    No, No, No!!! Leave beautiful Jetty Park alone!! We Brevard County TAXPAYERS purchased Jetty Park back in the 80’s and it isn’t the County’s right to sell “our” park!! That part of the beach would no longer be what is is today nor open to the public. Campers would no longer be able to enjoy the scenery and we don’t need more hotels!! You certainly don’t love Cocoa Beach if you are a sellout to the hotel industry!!!

  51. Judy Turner March 3, 2017

    Let’s not forget our County Commissioners come election time who are pushing this. Commissioner Jim Barfield behind this push and he says “3 others” agree with him. Vote them out next election. Best interest of public not the agenda here. The person who wrote that the hotel was only interest in a small portion of Jetty Park is mistaken. The majority of Jetty Park is owned by the Port and is not for sale. The acreage being talked about for sale for another stupid hotel IS the public JETTY PARK!! Don’t be fooled by comments such as his. Plenty of land in Cape Canaveral for new hotels. Build elsewhere!! Leave Jetty Park alone!!

  52. Judy Turner March 3, 2017

    Very disappointed in “I ❤️ Cocoa Beach” Newsletter for supporting Brevard County Commissioners & Developers in the destruction of Jetty PARK for another hotel. Build it elsewhere – anyone who truly loves Cape Canaveral &a Cocoa Beach Would want to preserve Jetty Park not commercialize it!!

  53. Skip March 3, 2017

    By no means no! There are not enough public areas as it is especially at the port. Build it on the land fill ti the west of the port on the river.

  54. Mike March 3, 2017

    NO! Leave our park alone.

  55. John March 3, 2017


  56. kelley March 3, 2017

    So he “offered” to buy PUBLIC LAND??? Sure, all big money people want to buy public land –NO NO NO—We have very little public beach front land. DO NOT SELL OUR PUBLIC LANDS!!
    Jetty Park is just fine the way it is. Anyone can enjoy a day there for a small fee and can even camp there. I will fight this and get all my friends to do the same!

  57. Angela March 3, 2017

    Before any more hotels or multi-family residences are proposed, the infra structure needs to be addressed. The sewer and water systems are sorely compromised as it is. We need to fix these issues before compromising them further. Yes, the tourist trade is picking up but mostly because Port Canaveral is now a port-of-call for several cruise lines – they are DAY visitors NOT weekend or weekly visitors! Speaking for myself, I chose to live here over 27 years ago because I didn’t want to live in a “concrete jungle.” Cocoa Beach was quaint and beautiful. Now our canals are brown and murky instead of blue and clear, the beach has no shells thanks to the dropping of dredge/sand off shore, and the traffic is ridiculous! It is high time to take care of your full time residents before you go looking to gum up the works any more! That means my vote is NO!!!!

  58. Susan Nickolopoulos March 3, 2017

    There are so few places that have ALL facilities available to the Public in
    one place! To “sell” another one is absurd!
    Jetty Park is loved by so many–and Overflow Parking is so important on
    weekends and special events! It is just a plain terrible idea!

  59. Langan March 3, 2017

    No, not in favor of a hotel on the land that is Jetty Park.

  60. Tom R. Baldwin March 4, 2017

    What a tragedy it would be to sell the undeveloped area of Jetty park. We need preserve our parks for future generations to enjoy rather cutting them up and selling them off for development! Once the commission sells a portion of Jetty park then they will move to sell portions of other county parks and b/4 long all of the parks will be smaller or gone leaving nothing for future generations to enjoy. Parks were originally built for the public to enjoy the wildlife and outdoor living,NOT to be used as investments to sell off in the future.

  61. Karen Rice March 4, 2017

    This is not about what’s best for Cocoa Beach. It’s about making money! Taking a portion of Jetty Park for this hotel is a bad idea. Leave Jetty Park alone.

  62. Inge van Bylevelt March 4, 2017

    NO. Leave Jetty Park alone, so family and friends can enjoy it.
    Keep it natural for the next generations.
    Preserve the park.
    NO, NO, NO.


  63. Chuck Schultz March 4, 2017

    Jetty Park should not be sold.
    What a stupid idea.
    Anyone supporting this should be voted out of office.

  64. Linda Rivera March 4, 2017

    This land definitely should not be used for commercial use. It was meant to be preserved in its natural setting. We have enough hotels in the area and they are hardly ever filled to capacity. The hotel could be put nearby but not in the Jetty Park area. No, no, no!!! Not ever.

  65. Erin March 5, 2017

    This park is so special to all who visit! Placing a hotel that will tower several stories here is just wrong. It is a wonderful public park and allows locals and tourists such a unique and affordable place to camp, fish, view launches and play by the water. Build your hotel somewhere that isn’t a public park!

  66. Gloria March 5, 2017

    Definitely no. This was meant to remain park land. Build the hotel on a different ite.

  67. Milton Marrone March 5, 2017

    This land should remain park land.

  68. pdugan March 5, 2017

    NO to more impact by commercial industry. Our parks are for the residence and visitors to enjoy whats left of the natural beauty here. The sewer system is already in need of a handling capacity update. The present system that has been paid for is now out of date due to the commercial impact which has contributed more to the need of a new system than any other factors. It is time to stop the corporate profits that do not benefit the local population and only contribute to a higher cost of living and impact on our already over stressed water environment, prove of this is the mass die off in the Banana and Indian Rivers from too much run of from the human impact here. Adding another commercial impact to our local environment and habitat is not beneficial, except to the money pockets of a few. This is what happens when the elected board has only commercial and government ties . Stop electing these corporate representatives. Also the light pollution from the port is overwhelming, design is poor when they light up the sky for miles around, when only the ground and water needs to be lit.

  69. Dorine Zimmerman March 6, 2017

    NO. Please NO

  70. Tom Hermansen March 8, 2017

    I’ll take a moment to hopefully put this rumor to rest and allay the concerns of those on this forum that there are no plans by the CPA, the County, or anyone I know to build a hotel in Jetty Park. I attempted to set the record straight in the FL Today article, but it appears that this was not read by those responding to this post.

    In short:
    – 18 to 24 months ago the Previous Port Commission and Sooner Development were working very hard to find someone to develop a hotel in the Cove. They could find no interested developers for numerous reasons; primarily because the Cove plan had numerous shortcomings.
    – at the same time the County Commission’s lease to the Port of 9 +/- acres on the south side of Jetty Park had come to an end and a new arrangement was sought. The County had one appraisal completed that indicated a value of $2.5 million. Whether or not this was a good appraisal is irrelevant.
    – a “speculative” proposal was raised whereby IF the Port would consider a development site closer to the ocean than the Cove area, in order to create both a hotel AND publicly accessible amenities, developers might be willing to pay the Port the $2.5 million so that The Port could purchase the Park land from the County, in exchange for more agreeable development rights and site planning.

    It was a relatively simple proposal that met with interest by some commissioners. However, the proposal was dismissed when the CPA decided to initiate it’s master planning process. There was never any discussion of purchasing the Park land from the County, and there was certainly never any discussion about developing anywhere on near the Port without the Port’s blessing as part of its master planning process.

    The CPA and the County still need to resolve the issue of the Park; because technically the County has the legal right to divest itself of the 9 acres; the CPA is the best buyer of the 9 acre park. Now it’s just a matter of price. But since it’s landlocked without legal access, residentially zoned, covered by a hammock of oak trees, and next to an existing condo, there aren’t any sane developers that are going to make an offer.

  71. Charles Sizer March 9, 2017

    What has this got to do with Cocoa Beach? CC is a residential community. With commercial development concentrated on A1A. East of Atlantic Ave. is all residential with two time shares scattered plus the old Ron John development near the Port/ocean front. This has nothing to do with CB. This is all a smoke screen so the Port can get a hotel and avoid all the heat that would surely come by blaming everything on private enterprise developers and the county commission. They really don’t want a Jetty Park It’s a losing proposition for them.

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