Hurricanes: Bad News for Communities, Good for Surf

June through December in Florida there is always that fear in the back of locals minds about the next big hurricane that may wash away everything they hold dear. If you don’t believe me, then take a look at the recent damages that millions of Floridians faced due to Irma. Cocoa Beach shared its own misfortunes with the storm.

About the only ones who see any bright side to a big storm are the surfers. Luckily Jose missed Florida, but it has brought rough seas and flooding to the Northeast coast of the United States. In Florida, surfers have been riding the waves that Jose has left in its wake.

Now we have Hurricane Maria to worry about as we watch her path. Hopefully, she stays on the predicted path of staying out at sea and far off from the Florida coastline, even though her Category 5 winds have already brought destruction to many islands already affected by the last hurricanes.

While we keep an eye on the weather, surfers will be paying close attention to the sea. Surfline provides an up-to-date surf report along with live cameras in certain locations. Here is a camera for the Cocoa Beach Pier:

Cocoa Beach Pier Live HD Surf Cam. Check out more Surf Cams at

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