Hotel Impact from Hurricane Irma

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Ocean Partners Cocoa Beach (Hampton Inn, Courtyard, Best Western & Days Inn): We did not bad.  Power is back on at the Hampton and the Courtyard but not at the Best Western or Days Inn.  Water is slowly coming back. Hampton will start taking guests tomorrow.
DoubleTree Cocoa Beach: hotel is closed for at least 2 weeks
Note from the Ocean Landings Facebook page:
Hurricane Irma Update
Unfortunately, the Resort has sustained damage due to Hurricane Irma. The extent of the damage is still being assessed, the following is a list of what we know at the present time: the A Bldg roof is a total loss, the AA Bldg roof is a partial loss, C & D Bldgs both have had water intrusion due to driving rain, in almost all rooms with some minimal ceiling damage adjacent to the sliding glass doors, debris from the damaged roofs and fallen trees, branches etc have littered the property and we also have some minor fence damage. We do have roofing contractors and a restoration company on site and the staff has done an outstanding job since they returned both in clean up efforts, and checking and evaluating the property. Please be aware that this is a list of what we know today, with only a few hours back on the resort. More damages may be found as we continue our efforts of recovery. There is currently no power or water to the Resort or for that matter just about anywhere in Cocoa Beach. We do not, at this time have a date of when the Resort will re-open. We have several generators up and running giving us access to phones and computers from about 8 a.m. – 3 p.m until power is restored. We will post updates as more information is available to us.
Blanche Morrison
Assistant General Manager
Hilton Cocoa Beach: As for the hotel, we took a pretty solid shot.  We are closed still but preparing to open as soon as we possibly can.  We have power, but no water yet!  We have to have water to run the AC units in the guest rooms.  We have some pretty good damage but we are on it already. In a perfect world between you and I, we will open on Friday, but that’s not guaranteed at all!

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  1. John Knox September 14, 2017

    Comfort Inn is open… we currently do t have phone or internet service

  2. Cindy September 14, 2017

    Loved our vacation there. Wanted to see what was left of the beautiful beach and hotel, Anthony’s At Cocoa Beach.

  3. Gregg Wiggins September 15, 2017

    Perhaps you’ve chosen to leave it out because it’s not a chain hotel but I’d call it noteworthy that the Sea Aire Motel in downtown Cocoa Beach was badly damaged — as described on the front page of Florida Today.

  4. Tom Hermansen September 15, 2017

    Hampton and Courtyard had no damage. Both are open for business.

  5. Ruth E Sutton September 15, 2017

    International Palms Resort????

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