Flavour Kitchen Open In Downtown Cocoa Beach!

A new restaurant opened in Downtown Cocoa Beach?! Yes, you heard right! Sandbar Bar & Grill owner, Andrew Bunin has announced on the popular Facebook Group, “Wake up Cocoa Beach” that his restaurant opened up on March 13th. This is fantastic news for the Cocoa Beach community because when can you remember the last time a restaurant like this opened in Downtown Cocoa Beach?!

Not only is this upscale restaurant very different from Bunin’s Sandbar Bar & Grill, but it brings just what this area needed: great vibes and even tastier cuisine!

From freshly crisped whole snapper, to 14oz New York strip steaks with truffle blue cheese fries, baked flatbread pizzas and brunch from 9am-3pm every Sunday, this place will leave you wanting more!

After only being open for one day, Flavour’s reviews are booming!

According to the Wake Up Cocoa Beach FB group, a customer stated, “The place is beautiful and the food is so full of rich Flavour! Welcome to DTCB! We can’t wait to have a date night out and enjoy the whole experience!

Let’s check out some other awesome Facebook reviews that are already #TeamFlavour

With tasty food, excellent service and a fun atmosphere why wouldn’t you want to head on out to Flavour Kitchen & Wine Bar??

Interested in learning more about Flavour Kitchen & Wine Bar? Visit: http://bit.ly/2HyXg6Q or view the menu at: http://bit.ly/2pdQiwG

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  1. Brandy Samuels March 15, 2018

    Hi , what will be your hours July 4th,were geting married at sunset on Cocoa Beach, and csnt find a place to go afterwards for diinner…

  2. Angie March 15, 2018

    Congrats Andy!!
    Wish you much success in your endeavor.
    So glad I retired from the bank—-more time to explore your new cuisine!!
    Buon Cibo—-Buon Vino —-Buoni Amici!!!!

  3. Janet March 15, 2018

    What is the address? Downtown Cocoa Beach is a large area

  4. Kay March 15, 2018


  5. Barbra Bronsberg March 16, 2018

    try leaving a location so we know whe this restaurant is.

  6. Jason March 18, 2018

    Flavour Kitchen
    15 north Orlando ave
    Cocoa beach, fl 3293

    Next to Heidi

  7. jerry kelly March 21, 2018

    Your article on the newest restaurant in cocoa beach, which is owned by sandbar owner, does not give the location.

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