Dogs On Cocoa Beach

In Cocoa Beach, officials are talking about letting people bring their dogs onto a *part* of Cocoa Beach.

An ordinance is being drafted. If passed, dogs will be allowed before 10am and after 6pm South of 4th St. Lori Wilson Dog Park is to be extended to include the beach area.



Let’s take a look at some local’s comments on the I Love Cocoa Beach & Wake Up Cocoa Beach! Facebook page & group:

So, will dog owners be irresponsible and let their dogs soil the sands or do you think our furry friends deserve some beach fun too!?

Are you in favor?
Yay or Nay?

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  1. Claude codgen March 23, 2018

    Nooo pitbulls anytime

    • MJ March 23, 2018

      Amen, you should have a special license for those disgusting animals.

      • Mark November 21, 2021

        You’re a disgusting animal

    • Ted Bangs April 27, 2019

      Pitbull is not a breed it is referring to
      a group of breeds. These dogs rank among the highest in the temperament tests. The only way they can become mean is by abuse by the owner. Dogs most likely to bite are small dogs with Chihuahuas ranking #1. Labradors and Golden Retrievers rank much lower on the temperament tests. American Pitbull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers and Staffordshire Bull Terriers are used as service animals very often and are preferred by trainers tor these services. These breeds are now also heavily used by police and TSA because they train so easily, are strong and are relatively small dogs (Never bigger than 65lbs). Please educate yourself.

  2. James Russo March 23, 2018

    No. Not that I am anti-dog but anti-dog owners who will let their dogs run, urinate and deficate without care or cleaning up. And, there will be some of those. One would be too many.

  3. Ed Boston March 23, 2018

    It’s a bad idea. I love dogs on the beach. However; people can’t be trusted to curb or pick up after their dogs. Bottom line: people are irresponsible. Not the dogs fault. Look at the pollution on Cocoa Beach.

  4. John Alexander March 23, 2018

    Bad idea! Our beachs are for humans not dogs.? Enforcement is the issue. Our police force is to busy to enforce what ever the Commission passes. Thanks

  5. IJ March 23, 2018

    Yay if it is one section of beach and it is fenced off. Nay if not fenced in.

    I truly love dogs and have grown up with them my whole life but do they really have to take over the beach. My children do not need to be playing, and I certainly don’t want to be walking or sitting in beach sand that dogs have defecated on. Please fence in an area for dogs only or take your dogs to the riverside where they can play until their hearts are content. There has to be a point where common sense takes over here. Our beaches bring in tourism dollars that help sustain us throughout the year, do you think we will be getting as many beach goers if there is dog poop all over the beach. Not all dog owners pick up after their furry friends – truth!

    • La Tourista March 6, 2019

      Tourists have dogs. Few beaches in the state allow them. By allowing them, Cocoa will be seen as progressive and trendy. It will bring in a new group of tourists.

    • Ted Bangs April 27, 2019

      I am a dog owner and I agree that it should only be in certain areas of the beach because even though I clean up after my dog many do not. My dog loves the beach and is very clean but I do agree that most people don’t clean up after the dogs and most do not properly train their dogs. Every coastal place I have lived has some kind of Dog Beach area, it is only fair since most people do have dogs and dogs are family if you have them.

  6. Jim Boardman March 23, 2018

    We are nays. Can’t rely on humans to clean up diligently.

    • JB March 6, 2019

      Nor can we depend on humans to clean up after their children. I am much more disgusted at the number of diapers I see discarded in public places than dog turds.

  7. MJ March 23, 2018

    We have to deal with dogs at Lowes, Home Depot, restaurants etc. Now dogs at the beach where parents and kids are trying to relax, more stupid ideas. Nothing like the smell of sea weed with a hint of dog crap.

  8. jamie hooper March 23, 2018

    I have cleaned the beach between Lori Wilson and Minuteman for years. The filth, the drunken revelry in front of families….I find myself apologizing to our visitors for such behaviors. In some 5 years of ‘monitoring’ this stretch, I have come upon disgusting human behavior but no disgusting dog waste,only people waste.
    Claude, I have fostered/rescued about 30 dogs, Pits included, and it has been other breeds that i have been bitten by, not them. Ed, folks without dogs on the beach are irresponsible, I can attest by the amount of garbage I pick up.
    James, there are times when our local beaches have had warnings due to high ecoli counts typically due to human waste in the water..not canine caused. Humans cause more grief than any pooping pooch. Just saying

    • MJ March 23, 2018

      Over 280 deaths since 2005 from pit bull attacks, bites are one thing but attacks and death from pits are a whole different thing.

    • Jen March 24, 2018

      What Jaime said! Vote is yes for dogs on the beach. Responsible people shouldn’t have to suffer for the irresponsible ones. Make laws and fine folks who don’t follow them.

  9. JWiendl March 23, 2018

    Dog access should be allowed. But at more restrictive times. And away from the “tourist(ed)” areas on which we depend economically and have to show our best face as a community that needs their dollars. This is really (or should be) an accommodation for locals, who have a reliable, vested interest in cleaning after themselves and protecting where we live. Tourists / visitors from elsewhere do not ever realistically have an expectation of allowing their dogs on the beach in the typically touristed/visitor areas.

    Yes….Before 8:30am and after 6:30pm.
    Areas away from/buffering the parks and minuteman causeway.

    • La Tourista March 6, 2019

      As a tourist with dogs, I am do have an expectation of dogs being allowed on the beach. After being on dog friendly beaches in other states, I find myself highly annoyed at Florida for their backwardness.

  10. Kathryn McGovern March 23, 2018

    YES. I read through the research study that was presented to community leaders, including d the positive outcomes reported in other beach communities where dogs are allowed on leash, restricted to early & late hours, and wear visible IDs that they are liscensed to be on the beach. I was impressed with how thoughtfully and thoroughly this issue has been approached by local authorities and am looking forward to morning walks on the shore with my best buddy!

  11. George Kistner March 23, 2018

    So even if a dog owner now and then happened to let their dog poop on the beach and didn’t pick it up, how is that any worse than the HUNDREDS of Feral Cats that use the beach every day for their litter box??

  12. Dr. Jeannie Langan Heins March 23, 2018

    Absolutely not. No dogs on the beach. I’ve only answered this same question over & over. I’m a beach side owner & resident. I like dogs, but never on the beach.

  13. Kate Sonsini-Adams March 23, 2018


  14. Brian Costleigh March 23, 2018

    If any of these nay sayers actually ever been to town beaches that are dog friendly, let alone live on a dog friendly beach, they would realize that they are way over reacting. Dog owners by and large are responsible and clean up after their dogs. Kids are not going to be playing in poop. dogs are not going to be attacking people and dogs will not be stealing your food. If the dog beaches are restricted to the residential beaches, the local dog owners are going to be responsible. If you are irresponsible with your dog, chances are you are irresponsible with other things, maybe even your finances and you couldnt afford to live in the residential areas of cocoa beach. Ok, maybe the last statement was a stretch, but the point I am making is that I have lived on dog friendly beaches and the actual issues are negligible. Tourists typically stay in the resort area of town in hotels and condos that don’t allow dogs so tourists typically won’t bring their dogs with them on vacation. For the few places that do allow dogs in the hotel or condo, these beaches are still going to be off limits to dogs. If a tourist love their dogs so much that they are willing to spend alot more renting a dog friendly home near the dog friendly beach. there is a real high probability that they are responsible dog owners as well. Could it be that these nay sayers don’t clean up after there own dogs or don’t want dogs because they don’t want to clean up after any dog? Maybe these same people are assuming everyone else is just the same as they are? The towns proposed ordinance limits the time, limits the location and has a 1 year trial period. Let’s just try it and see if I am correct with what I am saying, or wrong.

  15. DOMINIC SCAFETTA March 23, 2018

    There is no place for dogs on our beaches. Perhaps a small dog area should be allowed, but not free rein.

    How is that this web site is always on the wrong side of every issue?

    • Brian Costleigh March 23, 2018

      I guess it all depends on who you are. I typically find this website moreso on the right side of the issues.

  16. J. R. Pruitt March 23, 2018

    NO! N0! No! I visited Oconee State Park in the South Carolina mountains a few years ago. Could hardly walk in the grass due to animal (I suppose mostly Dogs) poop. Not the same as when I enjoyed visiting years ago – no one laying in the sun as it was before. Just ruined the park as far as I was concerned. Lots of available Brevard river-front etc. to walk animals!! I believe in time it would just ruin the Beach! So go to the Beach – leave the Dogs someplace else!!
    Also, I just confirmed with an SC relative that what I have said happened!!

  17. jerry kelly March 23, 2018


  18. Dee March 23, 2018

    People in San Diego have 2 dog beaches that I am aware of so there is some travel time to get to either one depending on where you live. I think the same should go for dog owners here. Canova Beach Park is 26 minutes from Cocoa Beach and a lovely dog beach. I see abuse of practically everything by ‘guests’.

  19. maureen Hickey March 23, 2018

    Yes I’m in favor of dogs being allowed on the beach.

  20. Barb March 23, 2018

    Definitely. Permitting dogs on a few beaches would, in fact, help keep dogs off the many more beaches that remain restricted.

  21. Lucy March 23, 2018

    Please no dogs on the beach. Unfortunately, some dog owners ruin it for everyone else. They do not have their dogs on leashes, do not pick up the doggie poop, and allow their dogs to bark incessantly at birds, people and other dogs. For those of you who show accountability and responsibility thank you. However, most do not. I don’t want to step where dogs have urinated or pooped nor do I want my grandchild to step or play in sand which has both mixed in it. Why not just build a dog park somewhere? We have those all over the state of Colorado? Better for everyone;)

  22. Debra Wright March 23, 2018

    Yes I would love to bring my dog on the beach. I believe there should b a place for them too as long as there are rules in place like on a leash and pick up the poop. There is nothing more I hate is when someone doesn’t pick up. But it should only b in a certain area and there should b fines if people dont obey the rules.

  23. Nancy Doherty, Yorkie Friends Rescue Inc. March 23, 2018

    I have a dog and live on the beach, would love to take her to the beach, but first of all the sand is too hot for them to be on it
    and second of all, most people will not pick up after their pets. I live in a Condo where everyone is supposed to pick up, NOT !!
    So on the beach is not a good idea because they will not pick up because the tide will wash it out !!! NOT A GOOD IDEA !!

  24. Carol March 23, 2018

    I most DEFINITELY do not want dogs on our beach except for the service dogs. Many owners are NOT responsible for their dog’s behavior. I have grandchildren who visit and love to build castles in the sand. I do NOT want them digging up dog poop, very unsanitary. There are owners who take their dogs off their leash. De we need unleashed dogs charging at children and/or adults? There is a place for everyone and the beach is not for dogs. There is a lovely dog park at Lori Wilson Park where dogs can frolic with other dogs. From where do these ideas originate? I would have thought that by creating a town dog park, the minority who want dogs on the beach would have been appeased. It’s the old adage give someone a piece and they want it all. So, nay for dogs on the beach.

  25. Lorrie Fleming March 23, 2018

    Nay People do not pick up their trash. Do you think they would always pick up thier dog’s poop urine and what about fleas?

    • Lisa Gallagher March 23, 2018

      You can’t pick up urine! Fleas! Do you really think most people have their dogs infested with fleas!! Think about what you’re saying.

  26. Brenda Beasley March 23, 2018

    Yes I would love to see our dogs enjoying the beach I think people that care about there dogs will pick up behind them
    I do question the people that visit our beach and forget to pick up there own garbage

  27. Lisa Gallagher March 23, 2018

    Yes. Great idea. Most people do pickup after their pets, so that should not be a problem. The owner of the pet must be sure that the dog is friendly to people and other dogs! It’s about time for this to happen, there are other states that do this and it works well.

  28. Steve March 23, 2018

    Nay. We’ve been suffering a polluted river. Let us keep our Ocean Beach area As clean as possible. It’s been working out for generations, why change it now?

  29. lawrence joseph scalzo March 23, 2018

    bad news keep dogs off the beach

  30. Jerry Nelson March 24, 2018

    No animals on the beach except humans!!!

  31. Jack B. March 24, 2018

    Honestly this is dumb. Humans just come and take over everything. Beaches are natural, not man-made. It is ridiculous that it is being limited to only humans. I want to go enjoy the beach but that is hard to do knowing my puppy is sitting at home alone. The argument of cleanliness is the only argument those against dogs on the beach have and it is an invalid one. Birds (which carry more disease) and cats (usually feral and therefore also more diseased) are constantly using the sand as one giant litter box but you do not try to ban the birds from the beach. As mentioned, the majority of dog owners that are devoted enough to bring their dog to the beach in the first place are going to also clean up after their dog. I do not like babies constantly crying and finding their dirty diapers scattered around on the beach but once again, nobody is trying to ban babies. Well, my dog is my baby and it is heartbreaking the amount of places (especially outside and in nature!) that dogs are banned from.

    • Lisa Gallagher March 25, 2018

      I do agree with you. People who love their dogs take care of them, and pick up after them! So many times I have seen trash left behind like diapers.

  32. James Mcbride March 24, 2018

    What’s next? Cats? 🙁

  33. Jim March 24, 2018

    No no &no. This will open the the door for PITT BULLS and Rottweilers and you can’t stop them. Next come the law suits etc. What are you people thinking of.

    • Lisa Gallagher March 25, 2018

      As long as the dogs aren’t aggressive it’s ok. Don’t be afraid just because of the breed!!

  34. terrell cunningham March 24, 2018

    Yes! I love running my dog o. The beach, and I clean up after him Always! Don’t condemn all dog owners because of a few that don’t kick up after there dogs. There are always and people in every crowd, wether litter bugs, drunks, cigarettes or ect ect ect. But overall were all good!❤️?

  35. Judith Langston March 24, 2018

    Yes. Leashed, on the entire beach–before 10:00 am and after 5:00 pm.

  36. Charlie Donovan March 24, 2018

    Yes it about time!

  37. Sally March 24, 2018

    Wake up! People do more damages to our beaches than dogs. If people were more caring with respect to the beaches it would all be good. Quit leaving cigarette butts, nut shells, trash, fruit rinds, etc. we don’t leave it your yard. Don’t leave it in ours!

  38. Michael Cleary March 24, 2018

    The proposed restrictions are idiotic! I’m a regular patron of the Lori Wilson dog park, and see no reason for the excessively restrictive hours the city is proposing for dogs on the beach. The people (and dogs) we encounter at the dog park are mostly well-behaved, and those who aren’t are asked to leave (Animal Control called if necessary). We essentially police it ourselves, and have very few problems.

  39. Isabel March 24, 2018

    No way Jose! The idea of anything other than marine animals on Cococ Beach is insanity!

  40. John D March 25, 2018

    I’ve been on the beach in Melbourne that allows dogs. There is so much dog poop left in the sand I’m afraid to put my towel down. The owners never clean up after their pets. I say no way. Let’s keep our beaches clean.

  41. Bruce March 25, 2018

    I average going to Cocoa Beach at least 5 times a week because I work at port canaveral, and I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve seen people letting there dogs use bathroom and then just walk away and leave it there. Just go out in the evening and probably in the morning too and anybody can see it, you won’t see one person with a bag or a scoop and not to mention a leash. Is Cocoa beach going to pay for the first dog bite victim. Morgan and Morgan get your pen and pad ready….Bad, Bad idea…

  42. Tim Prichard March 25, 2018

    Absolutely not. Although our City does a much better job than the surrounding beach areas which the Brevard County Sheriff’s office totally ignores I see pets on the beach every time I go. My apologies to pet owners- most of which are very responsible.

  43. John Sands April 25, 2018

    I recently lived at 259 Ocean Blvd in Satellite Beach, which is just south of Patrick Air Force Base. You can visit this area any day of the week and see scores of dog owners walking their dogs on the beach. The owners are extraordinarily conscientious about picking up after their dogs. The only waste there is from raccoons, opossums, bob cats and feral cats. People should be more alarmed about the thousands of filthy disease ridden birds on the beach which are defecating non-stop 24/7/365?

    While I admit to being very pro dogs on the beach, I do think Cocoa Beach would be wise to put strict limits on when and where to allow any pet on its beaches. The original plan of opening the beach from south of South 4th street from 6am-9am and from 5pm-sunset is a good one. This is very much like what I experienced in Ocean County, NJ when I lived there from 1965-1991. This limits the amount of contact between dog owners and those individuals who are afraid of or just do not like dogs, while also restricting tourists from abusing the privilege.

  44. Laurie May 3, 2018

    Absolutely yay! This is a good plan for people who love their pets to allow them access to the beach at times and places that are not frequented by people who don’t love dogs. The fact that Cocoa Beach has not allowed dogs on the beach was a significant negative for us when we were considering buying our home. We bought it anyway but it was a close call, for that reason.

  45. MSW February 1, 2019

    To minimize human impacts on the marine and avian animals of Cocoa Beach NO to dogs.

  46. Chels February 28, 2019

    Yes to dogs! It’s the stupid people that needs to be banned not dogs!
    It’s a shame when you can’t vacation and go to the beach with your dog.
    There’s nothing wrong with sharing the ocean with Fido!

  47. Ted Bangs April 27, 2019

    Look I live in the US Virgin Islands most of the year and here for a few months a year. In the USVI all public beaches are open to dogs and no one abuses this privilege because there is a $250 to $500 fine, first offense, if you don’t pick up after your dog, or cat, or if you fail to be in control of your animal. Make the fines high enough and make them zero tolerance and people will follow the laws. I take my Staffordshire Bull Terrier to the beach in St Thomas almost every day with no problem. Even as a dog owner who wants dogs on the beach I do not want dog poop and un supervised out of control dogs on the beach either.

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