Decriminalizing Marijuana in Cocoa Beach!?

The city is going crazy over Mayor Ben Malik’s idea to decriminalize marijuana in Cocoa Beach, Florida.

The Mayor recently quoted at a Cocoa Beach City Commission meeting as saying, “I would like us to look at what other Florida cities have done, and counties, in terms of decriminalization of marijuana.” Malik stated, “We spend an inordinate amount of resources on a very low-level crime.” “I don’t want to preclude the police from probable cause.”

In other words, Malik believes we should be spending our resources on criminals that could be a major threat to our areas as opposed to marijuana.

In 2014, the city setup legalized pot sales zones under former Mayor Netterstrom.

Cocoa Beach Pot Sale Zones:

Learn more about the Florida Marijuana History:

  • On June 19th, 2014, the Cocoa Beach City Commission approved a medical marijuana ordinance by a vote of 4-1.
  • In 2016, Florida voters approved a constitutional amendment legalizing the use of medical marijuana.
  • In 2017, the Florida Legislature passed laws banning the sale of smokable marijuana.
  • Just last month, a Circuit Court Judge ruled that those laws are unconstitutional. However, that ruling has been stayed because the Florida Department of Health appealed the decision.

Here’s what others think about decriminalizing marijuana:

Check out some comments received on our local Facebook group, Wake Up Cocoa Beach!

Jeanne Edwards Such a waste of time money and space for something that makes people so happy calm and feel better
Carol Manning Read Malik 2020!! Wish our federal government would get with this program and fix our broken system. Prison should be for criminals that are a danger to society.
Ken Kazmerski Yesterday Oklahoma legalized medical marijuana by a vote of 57% to 43%.
John Knight Although like many people I was young once, I have absolutely no desire to personally take advantage of decriminalization. I strongly support mayor Malik on this issue solely from the perspective of how to use our limited resources. If it helps you catch someone who committed other crimes, awesome. I like that compromise.
Trebnor Engels Seems like such a waste of time and effort to try to decriminalize something that we all agree should be legal.
Randy N Annette I believe the older generation is dying off. Even my 87 yr. old Re-con Marine Pop says their is nothing wrong with marijuana except that it is illegal.
Scooter Newell The Devil’s Lettuce!

What are your thoughts about decriminalizing marijuana? Comment below!

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  1. clarence ensminger June 29, 2018


    • Pat Weber June 29, 2018

      I agree with Mr. Ensminger. We need to vote about it. This IS our community. Medical marijuana is a whole different discussion and I am all for that. Do we really want tourists to come here in order to buy that product?

  2. Tely Tse June 29, 2018

    Marijuana in Cocoa Beach? NO! NO!

    • JC June 29, 2018

      For what reason? Much wasted money on law enforcement that amounts to literally nothing. Less then 20 grams gets you a ticket to show up for court to get probation, which eventually gets you cleared with a no charge, no record. Why tie up money and resources for what basically is a waste of time. Or are you just 1 of those people who say no just to say no and have no reason?

  3. James McBride June 29, 2018

    Couple of questions for everyone:
    1. What is THC?
    2. What is the difference between how the body oxidizes alcohol and oxidizes THC?
    3. Where is alcohol stored in the body?
    4. Where is THC stored in the body?
    5. What is the half life of alcohol in the body?
    6. What is the half life of THC in the body?
    7. What is the effect of inTOXICants on young developing nervous systems?

    Without knowing the answers to ALL of these questions any opinion on this issue is an uniformed opinion.
    Get your googler going!

  4. Ken Hebert June 29, 2018

    I lived and worked in Cocoa Beach for 41 years. I lived on the beach in the North end and saw what the drunk’s and drugies were up to seven days a week.
    If the City of Cocoa Beach were to allow recreational marijuana, what types of crowds do you think it would draw to your city?
    Don’t listen to the John Morgan’s of this world. It’s my opinion that he wants the state to go down the toilet like California.
    I retired and moved to the mainland about 4-1/2 years ago, but I still travel to Cocoa Beach to meet friends for dinner. If the city were to go down this road, I would start spending my retirement dollars some place else.


  5. Elizabeth Goodlet June 29, 2018

    Imagine the tourists it will draw and the violence it will prevent.
    (Have you ever seen stoners fight? Drunks are another story. )
    It’s a waste of police and court resources. It will also set an example for other cities.

  6. Concerned resident / residents matter June 29, 2018

    Let’s focus on things that make this city better place to live . A environment with 20 something bars , 3 strip clubs ,coconut drunks .Now add a bunch of pot heads selling weed .Who in their right mind thinks this is OK .Not a healthy to a place to raise a family .Wake up Cocoa beach we are going to be the next place for people to avoid , except the for undesirables that show up every weekend and leave trash and pee in our parking lots .You want to be like Daytona beach, wake up Ben

    • George June 29, 2018

      Great comments!

  7. George June 29, 2018

    It is illegal, dangerous and leads to other problems. So like cigarettes, it does have tar in it. So it destroys your lungs, not to mention your mind. Grow up people, you aren’t kids anymore! More libs trying to destroy the family values of this country and plunge us into socialism and communism. Very sad.

  8. Gary Herp June 29, 2018

    Don’t know the legalities, but can Cocoa Beach decriminalize grass without the state doing it first? If you can – by all means, go for it.

  9. Ann June 29, 2018

    Residents need to vote. It is too big of a decision to be made by only the Mayor and City Commissioners.

  10. Bonehead June 30, 2018

    The price will go up if it is regulated.

  11. Delores Recknor June 30, 2018

    Put it out to us tax payers to vote!

  12. Tim Prichard June 30, 2018

    I do not have a problem with decriminalization. I do firmly believe that it is a state matter and the state voters should decide . A municipality should not be involved yea or nay. Also this website makes totally inaccurate portrayal of the actual resident’s likes and dislikes. Saying we have long supported this issue is like most of your info- fabricated BS for certain private interests

  13. cb June 30, 2018

    The revenue from the tickets should go to the city of Cocoa Beach correct? so people walking around with weed in the open will get fined correct? it the answer is yes then by all means,

  14. Jenny July 1, 2018

    Put it on the ballot. Let’s put a hole in the drug cartels pocket and get the tax revenue!

  15. Susan July 2, 2018

    Marijuana IS a gateway drug for teenagers. Why expose Brevard youth to this nightmare. We are better than Daytona Beach!

  16. F Carroll July 2, 2018

    Decriminalize it, legalize it, it’s already IN Cocoa Beach and everywhere else…what’s the point of beating a dead horse?

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