Cocoa Beach Supports Surf Dogs!

By Renee S. Hurly, Local CB Resident and Retired Meteorologist at US Air Force

Our deepest gratitude to Mayor Ben Malik, Vice Mayor Skip Williams, Commissioner Mike Miller, Commissioner Ed Martinez, Commissioner Karalyn Woulas, City Manager Jim Jim Mcknight, Chief of Police Scott Rosenfeld and the rest of the city staff for drawing up and approving a well thought out compromise on this ordinance. I am grateful I got to sit down with some of you to see your vision and to see what we could do to bring that vision to reality. I hope that both sides may come together and put our collective best foot forward to be a shining example of what a true “community” should be. Let’s lead by example Cocoa Beach.

If you want to be a part of the Beach Ambassadors Program to support this ordinance please email she will add you to the list. After meeting with the city officials to see their vision on what this program should look like, the responsibilities of being an Ambassador is easy-peasy. Hope to see you as an ambassador.

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  1. yvette May 18, 2018


  2. Tracy May 18, 2018

    Interesting that you are restricting the time frame to when people usually walk to do their business – people don’t pick up after their dogs now, you really think they are going to start by passing this new ordinance – if you are going to allow it, why not all day? I suggest you put up a dog poop station at several entrances to that area to encourage owners to pick up after their dog. I’m glad you are restricting the area, but I’m am curious about the 6 foot leash rule – who even has a 6 foot leash these days except people with large dogs (who have large poop). Who is going to monitor the dog walking, it’s not like anyone does it now, people have their dogs on the beach all the time. I’ll make sure to avoid these areas in the future when I walk on the beach – thanks for the heads up.

    • jamie hooper May 18, 2018

      the times were chosen to avoid peek beach usage time. walkers do just that….walk….a majority of the beach usage is by folks coming and staying put in one place for an extended period of time and the intent is not to interfere with the ‘majority’ of folks and the heat of the day is not an opportune time to have pets on the beach. some people don’t pick up their shit and nor do some dog owners. Those are not the majority and I do not belong to either. there will be dog ambassadors to hand out bags and encourage dog folks to comply. i certainly will continue to pick up all human and canine shit i come across, as i do in my neighborhood and on the stretch of beach that i frequent daily. have no fear, you may catch yourself smiling at the frolicking pups and their happy owners. it is allowed you know.

  3. JPatts May 18, 2018

    Why 4th Street south. What’s wrong with Coconuts area? Hey Mr Mayor, how many dogs you own. Pickup right. What BS. Remember who approved this come election time. Time for new leadership.

    • jamie hooper May 18, 2018

      the idea is to not bother the masses. the coconuts area is a busy place and not all folks are fond of dogs or fear them so it was decided that heavy tourism areas and dogs frolicking may not go hand in hand. there will be plenty of us dog owners rooting for those that supported this initiative and gave us the opportunity come election time.

  4. Claude codgen May 18, 2018

    Hey no cats ?? No seriously gonna allow pit bulls are you

    • Claude codgen May 18, 2018

      Not i mean

  5. Keith Barto May 18, 2018

    Well done CCB govt.

  6. John J. Alexander May 18, 2018

    It is important for beachside residents from 4th South to 16th Street South assist our police in reporting any and all violations after July 15th. Our limited police manpower will not allow them to promptly respond to dog violations. Every violation report will be logged in and help determine the success or failure of the ordinance in six months, January 15, 2019. The no dogs on the beach is not being enforced now, but hopefully dog owners will help our police department in self enforce that small percentage of non-compliant dog owners.

  7. Ed Frady May 18, 2018

    Thanks for acting on this very “emotionally charged” issue. It’s a spear in the ground. If it works, well keep it. If it doesn’t, we can always fix it. Good work.

  8. Russell May 18, 2018

    A 6 ft leash is not appropriate to walk a dog. Should be no greater then 10 ft. How does cocoa beach support surfing dogs if they have to be on a 6 ft leash all the time. Is that even possible ?

  9. Tim Prichard May 19, 2018

    The commissioner who voted against this proposal is the only one who will receive my vote on their next election cycle. I find it ludicrous that the personal interests of our representatives were crafted to approve an ordinance when the obvious large section of our residents oppose it. I am sadly not surprised. Patting yourselves on the back for a job well done, and calling this a compromise is akin to giving yourself kudos for the Minuteman enhancement project in which two months turned into two years to complete.

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