Cocoa Beach Photography

Cocoa Beach is a pretty picturesque place and we have some talented photographers that capture it’s beauty through their respective lenses.

Whether it’s the hobbyist ladies that snap the beauty of the beaches on their morning walks or professionals that use advanced photography techniques to create an image that makes you feel like you’re actually there, the work they produce is stunning. – Check it out!

Shelly Pardo-Wetzel

Shelly Pardo-Wetzel enjoys early morning and evening walks on our beautiful beaches. She captures stunning scenes of land and water. She shares her work with friends and family on Facebook as well as the Wake Up Cocoa Beach! Facebook Page.

Renee S Hurley

Renee S Hurley also wanders our beach town snapping stunning images of land and sea. She often stumbles upon wildlife and shares of her encounters on Facebook.

Matthew Paulson

Matthew has always enjoyed going out to parks and been interested in nature and wildlife. One of the main reasons that he got into photography was to share beautiful places and wildlife with friends and family. He captures his travels by way of a photographic technique called HDR. HDR is the combination of images taken at different shutter speeds.

Captain Kimo

Kimo is a talented photographer who knows much about HDR and editing. The result? Images so vivid you’d think you were standing right in front of the scene. Free tutorials on HDR photography can be found on his website here.

Ed Dumas

Ed Dumas has been photographing as a hobby since his years in college. He captured the two images at Kennedy Space Center while being a co-op student there in the late 1980’s.

STS-50 carried the US Microgravity Laboratory-1 payload into orbit to perform microgravity experiments on a variety of scientific subjects. These photos are of the orbiter Columbia, which was lost in a reentry accident on February 1, 2003.
Shuttle liftoff from as seen from Cocoa Beach – This photo was taken on April 5, 2010 from Cocoa Beach about 1/2 mile south of the Pier. It is of STS-131.

Jason Sponseller

Jason Sponseller runs an intriguing Instagram page and also sells his prints online. The following two photos, both of a Great Blue Heron were submitted to a Smithsonian mag photo contest

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  1. George Sabol June 22, 2017

    Beautiful work. How do I submit my images. Check out my work on Instagram at: geoworldplus

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