An Update From Cocoa Beach Mayor Tim Tumulty

Last week, Cocoa Beach Mayor, Tim Tumulty spoke to 4th graders at Roosevelt Elementary School. These are the same kids that sent letters conveying their concern of the Indian River Lagoon to Gov. Rick Scott a couple of weeks ago.

The mayor gave his insights on the fish kill and brown algae bloom occurring in the IRL. He explained to them the various reasons why these events happened as well as what we can do in the future to mitigate them. He finished the discussion with an enthusiastic Q&A the children were interested and engaged throughout. Our favorite question was, “what can I do to help?” The youngster wanted to know what he could do as an individual to help with the situation and that is exactly what each of us should be asking.

What can I do to help?

The first step to protecting our beautiful surroundings is becoming and staying informed. We have some pretty smart kids in our community, and they are very concerned about our lagoon. Let’s take a cue from them and do the very same.

Connect with Cocoa Beach Mayor, Tim Tumulty, stay up-to-date and ask him what you can do to help!

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  1. John Nolan April 29, 2016

    Well done Tim a great place to put out the message the children will remember the day, for life.

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