Soar Over Cocoa Beach

People of all different ages, attitudes and backgrounds are looking for excitement in their lives.

Imagine soaring over the city and the coast in a Robinson R-44 helicopter with an expert pilot and two of your favorite people. Within seconds of take-off you’ll fly right past the exploration tower, the port, cruise ships and best of all, right over Cocoa Beach. The thrill, the awe, the experience. The memories will last a lifetime and the photos you take will last even longer.

Whether you’re a local looking to experience all that Cocoa Beach has to offer or a visitor making the most of your vacation, a flight with Cocoa Beach Helicopters will surely give you the rise you’re after.

About Pilot Mark Grainger

Mark is a Commercial International Airline Captain. He has been flying for over 40 years and has over 19,000 hours logged. Mark’s passion for flying and his country led him to fly F16s for the military. His favorite thing about flying is looking down and seeing Earth from above. Mark says, “Flying is much safer than most people think. It’s actually safer than walking, statistically.”

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