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Family Entertainment in Cocoa Beach

Whether you're a Cocoa Beach local or a frequent visitor, you are probably always on the hunt to find some new and

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5 Reasons you should visit Wildlife Watersports

If the simple fact that you can speed away on a jet ski, paddle off into the ocean or explore the 1000 Islands on a

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Best Happy Hour in Cocoa Beach

Not everyone in Cocoa Beach is on "Island Time" but we're all keen on living the beach life. Whether your entire

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What to Do: Father's Day Cocoa Beach

Your dad deserves a great day everyday but June 18, 2017 is the day dedicated to making that happen. It's clear

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5 Natural Things-to-Do Near Cocoa Beach

There's no doubt that man-made, developed parts Cocoa Beach is  a blast! But the natural Flora and Fauna in this

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2017 Kids Summer Camps

What Are the Kids Doing This Summer? When school is out the kids tend to roam about. Keep them safe AND entertained

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