Cape Canaveral Shipwreck

A man bought this boat in Miami and was taking it to New York. He didn’t want to pay the marina for an overnight stay, so he stayed off shore. Unfortunately, he didn’t use enough line for the anchor and during the night drifted and ran ashore. He was later seen that morning with a pink slip in his hand trying to sell it for 10 grand to beach goers. He didn’t want to pay Sea Tow because it was too expensive. So there it sat full of fuel.



A local resident setup a go fund me to help the man. Become the first donor!



UPDATE: Port Authorities confirmed, the vessel had hundreds of gallons of diesel on board, but luckily no fuel discharge or sheen has been reported. The Coast Guard opened the Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund for the removal of the fuel from the boat. Those funds will be used if the boat owner refuses to pay. McLean is unsure if he will be able to keep his boat and what the costs are going to be.


A couple rumors have been circulating and contradicting information as to whether he was headed back home to New York or to Jamaica for a dream trip. Where he was headed still remains unknown but with the risk of losing the boat looming over, the owner’s priority is to get his father’s ashes off the boat.

It does look like the boat was successfully removed. Check out the live cam here!

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  1. Jenny July 6, 2018

    If what this man is saying is true, I’m truly sorry for his dilemma. However, given that there are at least five abandoned boats (4 sailboats and one cruiser) right by the locks at Port Canaveral, I can’t help but be a little skeptical. I wish the Port Authority would do something about the boat graveyard right outside their door too! It’s a terrible eyesore and not to great for tourism, since at least one is on the rocks right by the wooden pilings at the entrance of the locks.

    • Jaime Ganot September 24, 2020

      I remember swimming off the shore to a half sunken small ship off the shore near Cocoa beach back in 2006 canceled space launch day. However I don’t remember the exact location. Does anybody knows which wreck I’m talking about?

  2. Brian Costleigh July 6, 2018

    I feel bad for the guy, but he was too cheap to stay safely at a marina and not smart enough to properly anchor the boat. He needs to just cough up the cash and get the boat towed on his own and not expect the citizens to cover his Mis step. If he doesn’t remove it, the state needs to fine him and impound the boat until he pays. That is what I would expect even if it happened to me. You want to play, you need to pay.

  3. Brian Costleigh July 6, 2018

    Also, the don’t know about the other abandoned boats, but the state needs to fine them as well if they refuse to move their wrecks as well. This is why you pay for insurance. Sea tow would have been free if he paid his yearly fee. Just an expense of boat ownership.

  4. Malcolm July 6, 2018

    we all know boats are just holes in the ocean waiting to be refilled. I’m sorry for the guy but he should be responsible for cleaning up his mess!

  5. Kelli Braydene July 6, 2018

    I wish I felt bad for him. But, he seems like a liability. Bought a boat he can’t afford and, apparently, doesn’t know how to drive. He made a bad decision. If he thinks it’s too expensive to stay in the marina or pay for a tow, why should we pay for him?
    Count me out.

  6. Pete's Brain July 7, 2018

    How about giving the guy a set of tide tables so he can reverse the situation. Maybe learn from his mistake.

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