Best Videos of 2017- I Love Cocoa Beach

2017 has been amazing, and the year’s top Cocoa Beach videos? Not so bad either! I love Cocoa Beach has revealed the most popular videos of the year.


Wild Life Watersports- Paddle board & Boat Rentals

Wildlife Watersports hired us after a few from the I LOVE Cocoa Beach team stumbled upon this place when we were looking to rent a boat.  We were so impressed, we asked the owner if we could feature them and show off the goods!  They agreed and here is the video.


South Beach Inn – Tour

Sammy invited us to stop by and he gave us the personal tour.  If you know Sammy, you know he is one of the hardest working Inn Keepers around.  The reception was not great on this live video, but we think it gives you a great feel for not only the hotel but Sammy’s personality.


Kelly Slater Surfing at Cocoa Beach

One of our fans caught Kelly Slater surfing on Cocoa Beach…well if you didn’t know he is from Cocoa Beach, now you do!  This video went viral immediately after we shared!  Did you know that Kelly was the World Surf League Champion a record 11 times, including 5 consecutive titles in 1994–98?


Rusty’s Seafood & Oyster Bar Supports Houston

When Hurricane Irma hit Houston Rhett Fischer of Rusty’s seafood wanted to do something to support that area.  We happened to be in the area and Rhett agreed to go LIVE.  He shoot this video in one take and we think he did a fantastic job on the camera and with this sweet gesture to help.  Thank you Rhett!


I Love Cocoa Beach FL

A simple yet impactful representation of the local Cocoa Beach area was part of this year’s best videos.  Watch it and you get a wonderful tour of all the wonderful things to do in our little beach community.


Disney Cruise Line – Port Canaveral Fun

Port Canaveral is a cruise, cargo and naval port in Port Canaveral Florida, Florida. It is one of the busiest cruise ports in the world with more than 4 million cruise passengers passing through each year.  One of our favorite things to do is watch the cruise ships come and go but on this one special day something rare happened….two Disney ships crossed paths and they immediately started this iconic battle!


Microburst Hits the Pier

Jason Vanderbeck is the social media manager for the Cocoa Beach Pier….he shared this video of the damage caused by a microburst with winds of 50-60 mph. The strong winds also damaged part of the roof, the air-conditioning system, and some electrical work.  Thankfully nobody was injured and in a few days, the Pier was re-opened for business.


Riki Tiki Tavern – Tour

The Riki Tiki Tavern is a laid-back cocktail lounge perched on the end of The Cocoa Beach Pier.  They offer a full bar, tropical drinks & views.  Where else in the entire world can you dine 800 feet over the ocean and watch a rocket launch [from the Kennedy Space Center] at the same time?


Skydiving Santa’s – Christmas on the Beach!

Every year 60 skydivers from the Air Sports Parachute Team dressed in full Santa attire jump out of three aircraft, Tico Bell C-7, Twin Otter and Bel 142 helicopter onto the Cocoa Beach Pier’s shoreline. Reaching high speeds, these skydivers attempt to land perfectly onto holiday themed inflatable targets. Some do, and some do not!  The event happens on the Saturday a week before Christmas on the shores of the beautiful Cocoa Beach Pier.  The Skydiving Santa event is funded by the Air Parachute team and corporate partners The Cocoa Beach Pier and The Valiant Air Command Warbird Museum.  Additionally, each member of the The Air Sports Parachute team must meet high standards for parachuting experience and pay for the privilege to jump as a group on the event day.  Jumps begin at 11am and continue every 15 minutes until 4pm.  Locals and visitors alike take to the Pier and the beach enjoying fabulous weather, the beautiful beach, comfortable beach amenities and food and beverage provided by the Pier.  


Vintage Cocoa Beach/ Cape Canaveral

Cocoa Beach is known as the surfing capital of the East Coast. It’s also the closest beach to Orlando, making it an ideal day-tripping location. This video depict a Cocoa Beach before an estimated 2.4 million day trippers hit the laid-back town on an annual basis.

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